Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mini breakdown over breakfast...

Since being in the hospital I think I've been doing a fairly decent job of coping. I've only cried 2 times, one because of the IV debacle a week ago, and again this morning over breakfast *sigh*. I have to order my meals via telephone and then can expect a 45 minute wait max. for my food to be delivered. So that's what I did this morning, I call at 9:00 am and request my breakfast. Fast forward an hour and ten minutes later and it's still not here. So I called again to inquire about the status of my food and this phone call took about 7 minutes. First, because the person I was speaking with could not figure out my name, even after I spelled it to her several times. For some reason Sadie in her mind translates to Donnie. I even gave her my room number thinking that 4 numbers would be easier than my name. No such luck. Finally, she informs me that my food has just now left the kitchen at 10:11 way past the 45 min mark that I'm suppose to receive it in.

After getting off the phone I just broke down. Being here is hard. It's hard to be dependent on others to bring food and water. It's hard to never have any privacy, it's hard to stare at a pink wall for days on ends, and the mere fact that something as simple as breakfast was such a production this morning was a small breaking point. I just kept thinking that if I was home I could have eaten breakfast at 9:00 am without any delay. Instead it approached 10:30 and I was a really hungry, tired, pregnant woman who just didn't want to deal with any of this any more.

When my food did arrive it was obvious it had been sitting some where for an extended period of time because the things that were suppose to be cold were warm, and the warm food was cold. Who knew not getting my food in the promised amount of time would be a breaking point for me?

Other things I learned this morning:

~My blood pressure was to low for me to take my procardia once again this morning.

~ I'm still anemic despite the fact that I've been taking Iron twice a day in addition to my pre-natal. As my doctor said, "It would be cruel and unusual punishment to make you take it three times a day." Yes, I think it would be. So he's instead adding an additional vitamin to my arsenal which is suppose to help my body absorb it, we'll see.

~The group B strep test they did 4 weeks ago when I was first admitted is going to expire so I get to have another one. Great.

~ My body hurts so much I can hardly move, and sleeping is an impossible task no matter how many pillows and blankets I use to try and get comfortable.

~ I'm contracting still...

~ My babies get the hiccups a lot these days. (Which is both adorable and annoying).

~And finally not getting my food in the promised 45 minutes and being called Donnie makes me cry.

I think it's time for a nap.


Queenie. . . said...

Ugh. It really is the little things that send you over the edge. But, you are doing really great, and this phase will be behind you before you know it.

Can you have your DH bring you in something special for supper tonight?

~Jess said...

Seriously, you want me to come down there and kick some serious ass! I'll come in there like gang-busters and knock some heads together.

That is insane that they take that long for a meal! It probably would be faster to call pizza hut and have them deliver.Could you keep a couple of things of granola bars or something in your room, so that way you have something?

I'm sorry you're in so much pain, just think, though a few more weeks...then it will all be worth it. *hugs*

~Jess said...

ps. I know that knowing it's for a good cause doesn't make it any easier to bare...

May said...

Ugh. Don't mess with a hungry pregnant woman's breakfast. Seriously. And that's the one meal that hospital food can't mess up. Cereal and milk- they shouldn't be able to ruin it!!!

It's so hard. I had a rough time with the privacy thing, too. And when you can't take it anymore and just need a cry, you can't even do that because anyone could walk in at any time. I still think bedrest is the hardest thing I ever did.

I was thinking about your pain the other day- what about one of those foam egg-crate things over your mattress? I also found that 2 extra-strength Tylenol helped a lot with my back pain. I had my doctor write an order in my chart that I could request any combination of one or two regular or extra-strength whenever I asked, so I could just take one if I wanted.

31 plus weeks! You're doing great!

Shinejil said...

I think if someone dawdled over my breakfast and I couldn't get up and get it myself, I'd be weeping, too.

I like Jess' idea of keeping a snack stash, if they'll let you, nearby, just to take the edge off.

You're doing amazing, though. I think if I were in your shoes, I'd be in tears daily.