Friday, May 22, 2009

May 21, 2009

I'm running out of titles for these posts but I do want to continue to track the daily progress of the babies. Yesterday we had another good day. I attempted breastfeeding Eli for the first time, with the assistance of the LC. He did really well considering how tiny he is, he didn't get much but mainly we just wanted to introduce him to the idea. The LC was impressed with his progress considering yesterday he was only 34 weeks.

I've found that the LC's are such interesting people. They have an enthusiasm for breastfeeding unlike any I've seen. This lady is very nice and supportive but she's a little over the top. She makes Marcus laugh. She also kept praising Eli's tongue. She just kept saying, "He has a great nursing tongue." haha whatever that means. I also tried to give him his bottle but I think he was just too tired from all the work and so he was just fed through his feeding tube. He continues to gain and is now up to 4lbs 3oz so he's almost a pound bigger than his sister. He's also just a laid back baby. We were at the hospital for 5 hours yesterday and he slept pretty much the entire time. He hardly cries and he just hangs out, even when eating he pretty much just sleeps through it. Marcus changed Eli yesterday and he's already getting much faster at the task, however dressing them still continues to be a bit of a challenge.

Emerson also did really well and she and I did more kangaroo care while she was being fed. She's still not really taking bottles but they wanted me to do kangaroo care while she was being fed through her tube so she could start to associate eating with me. She's so tiny and sweet and just snuggled in.

Later when she was awake Marcus changed and dressed her. It was funny because every time Marcus would have her cleaned up she would go again and Marcus would have to start over. This happened three times. She also has the most expressive face and when she's awake she does the funniest things and makes us laugh. Silly baby. She unfortunately lost weight again and weighs 3lbs 4oz. Emerson is also going to start meeting with an occupational therapist to do some exercises and maybe work on the eating and swallowing thing. I'm not entirely sure but we'll see. All in all they're doing well.

In other life news Marcus officially finished his semester yesterday which is a huge relief. The poor guy is exhausted between work, studying for finals, and the hours spent at the hospital. Which resulted in a migraine yesterday. He doesn't do so well without sleep. I still have two finals to complete before I can claim to have finished the semester but one of my professors never ever responds to emails so at this point I'm not that optimistic that I'll ever finish. I have until June 30th I'm hoping to get these things out of the way long before that deadline comes.

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Christi said...

Awesome job babies. So good to hear Eli's trying to nurse.