Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lenten Photo-a-day Continued...

Day 17: Prophet - just some of the many more modern day prophets
Day 18: Leave - The door by which I leave home every day and enter the world

 Day 19: Thirst - I thirst for justice for all people
Day 20: Bless - Blessed to have a job that allows me some flexibility when I have sick babies (hanging out in my office watching movies while mama works)

Day 21: Night - the stars that light ceiling in Eli & Emmy's room each night

Day 22: Shadow - Shadows of light in the sanctuary 

Day 23: NO- Always more than happy to help me yell NO
Day 24: Find - Emerson see treasure and value in everything she finds 
Day 25: Faithful - The faithfulness of my youth (with our Bishop)

Day 26: Ate - The best part of baking 
Day 27: Happy - sitting in the backyard reading in the spring sun
Day 28: Silence - Love the silence of this space in the midst of a busy work day


Thursday, March 7, 2013

My hope...

A couple nights ago I heard Eli & Emerson sneak down the hallway into my bedroom.

They brought their turtle which projects starts onto their ceiling set it up on the bedside table and climbed into our bed.

When I walked in to check on them they were snuggled together and looked so cute that I let them stay, I tucked them in, told them to stay put, be quiet, and go to sleep.

As I was leaving the room Emerson said, "mom can we talk?"

I told her as long as they were quiet.

As I walked out of the room I heard them whisper to each other, "Good night, Eli"

"Good night"

I hope they're always close to each other.

I have five sibilings so I know how complex sibling relationships can be, but as I watch them play, support, encourage, stand up for, worry, and bicker with each other.

I hope that they'll always be that way. May they always want to whisper good night to one another.