Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another good day...

We had another good visit with the babies. I was able to feed Eli his bottle today. When we showed up his nurse said his bottle is warmed up and ready for him so go ahead and feed him and then walked away. Marcus and I just looked at each, but I decided he was my baby surely I could figure out how to feed him, I did watch Marcus do it yesterday. Eli and I struggled along together and when the nurse came over she asked how many times I had fed him, when I said never she was shocked haha. I was doing everything right (for the most part) and even managed to burp him, but he only took 10cc from me because he was so sleepy. The nurse was able to give him the rest of his bottle and he pretty much slept through the whole thing. So today he took two full feedings from the bottle but it's still a lot of work for him.

I also changed and dressed Emerson and she was so patient with me today. Usually she screams during all of this but today she just looked at me and allowed me to stumble through the changing without a peep she was really alert and happy today, and she managed to take 10cc from a bottle.

Other than we just held the babies. Emerson also gained weight and weighs 3lbs 5oz, I haven't gotten Eli's weight for today yet and Eli passed his hearing test so that's another milestone down. We love the uneventful days.

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