Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Growth Scan and other things...

This is going to be a really random posting, since my thoughts are all over the place.

Today, for the first time in 20 days I was able to leave my room. Of course it was literally to go next door for an ultrasound but at this point I'll take whatever I can get. The growth scan was uneventful. Both babies look good, Baby A now weighs 3lbs 6 oz and d is still head down. (Where's he's been consistently) Baby B weighs 3lbs 1oz and she's now breach. She's a crazy baby who flips and moves and runs away from ultrasounds and monitors, I'm hoping at some point she'll flip back down. Overall, I'm satisfied with those weights and relieved to know that they're both still gaining, even though I am not. That was my big excitement for the day.

In other news, this weekend was full of contractions. They were strong and consistent accompanied by a lot of pressure and pain. Which worried the nurses and doctors and prompted my first internal exam (not fun). I'm 100% effaced and 1 cm dilated, which I know means very little at this point. I'm hoping we don't move beyond that for several more weeks. The contractions the last few days have slowed again, and because of my diligence in drinking insane amounts of water I was able to avoid the IV.

After the breakfast debacle Marcus brought me some snacks to keep at the hospital, so no more breakdowns about food at this point. (Thanks for the suggestion, we did have a few things here but Marcus brought things with a little more substance to hold me over between meals).

Yesterday, I also spoke to a lactation consultant and she did a pretty good job of freaking me out. She (unintentionally) made it seem like an impossible, ridiculous task, but after talking with my aunt some I'm feeling a little better about the whole thing and less overwhelmed at the thought of attempting to feed two babies. I guess we'll see what happens with all of that when the time comes.

Marcus went to the doctor yesterday because he's been having really horrible headaches which is unusual for him. He had high blood pressure and the doctor asked if he was under any stress. Once Marcus explained that he was a full time student, worked full time, and his wife, pregnant with twins, is on bed rest in the hospital for PTL, the doctor seemed to think it was indeed stress related. Marcus now has to go to the doctor every day this week to have his blood pressure checked. I told him he could have some of my procardia since I have the opposite problem with low blood pressure, in part due to the medication. Poor guy this is hard on him in a whole different way I think, he's worried about both me and the babies and he's running back and forth all the time in addition to taking care of everyday life things.

Finally, I want to thank the people who have found me through L&F and have been leaving comments. I appreciate all of your comments and suggestion so much. The support is great.

(I told you this would be random).


Queenie. . . said...

You are a total rock star with the water. If I had to choose between an IV and having to get up to pee constantly, I'm not sure which I'd find worse! I'm NOT 31 weeks pregnant, and trying to drink more water, and it's driving me crazy how much I have to pee.

Glad to hear the babies are getting bigger. I know you've been worrying about weight, and I hope that eases your mind.

~Jess said...

I always have to pee, and like you I drink a lot of water regularly. I think this kid is sitting on my bladder.


Hayley said...

You are doing great - keep it up and keep us posted!

May said...

Well hey! Those babies are getting big!

It's amazing what becomes exciting when imprisoned in that hospital room, huh? Ultrasounds are huge. We also had a weekly hourlong support group meeting run by a social worker at the end of the hall. They'd roll us down there in wheelchairs and transfer us into a circle of those recliners they have in the rooms for the dads. All you could see was everyone else's slippers, giant bellies, and a forest of IV poles.

Speaking of which, a nice pair of new slippers and some new PJ's makes a nice change from a flapping gown and hospital-issue socks. Good for sanity.

Are there any other women on the floor that you've been able to meet? Try and get room/phone numbers. Once we met at the support group, we'd spend ages on the phone with one another. There's nothing like a woman in exactly the same boat as you. It helped me a lot.

I do agree this is terribly hard on the husbands. Mine is still dealing with some issues from our various horrible birthing experiences. I'm sending you both my good thoughts today.