Thursday, May 14, 2009


Yesterday afternoon we were pleasantly surprised to learn that Emerson had been moved from room 4 to room 2 to be with her brother. Since we had seen her the night before, she had come off the lights, increased her feedings from 6cc to 18cc and was digesting all of it, and is now breathing room air with just a tiny nose tube that provides just an extra something (I forgot all the official terminology and reasoning). Best of all we finally got to hold our baby girl. She feels so tiny, even next to her brother even though he only weighs 10oz more than she does. She also finally started gaining weight again and now weighs 3lbs 1oz. We're so grateful for her quick progress. I think she must want to catch up to Eli.

Eli, also continues to do well. He's now up to his full feeding limit for his size 1 oz, and because he's digesting all of it he no longer has to be supplemented by IVs. He's also gained and now weighs 3lbs 11 oz. Marcus ended up holding Eli for over an hour yesterday because the nurse was busy with another baby. I came and found Eli snuggled up tightly with his dad. It was too cute.

And other than that things are the same. Marcus is splitting his time between work, school (it's finals time), and the NICU and we both just exhausted. We look forward to the day when the babies come home it's draining to go to hospital and sit for hours. We spent around 4 hours there last night so we had time to hold each of them, and were there for their feeding and changing times.

And just because I think they're cute a few more pictures.


Debbie said...

I think they're cute too!!
Marcus told me... the most beautiful babies in the NICU.

~Jess said...

I think they're absolutely adorable! I'm so glad that Emerson has been moved up to be with Eli: ALLELUIA!

Christi said...

Wonderful news...grow babies grow! I love the little wrinkles on Eli's forehead, reminds me of my little guy when he was born.