Monday, October 31, 2011

As E & E say, "Happy Ween"...

Hope you all had a good one.

My little gnomes had a great time. Stayed out too late, had too much candy, but had a ton of fun trick-or-treating. More tomorrow Halloween makes me tired. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

PKs (Pastors Kids)...

Eli and Emerson are what is known in my profession as Pks or Pastor's kids. I've heard lots of different kinds of stories about how having a parent as a minister affects the kids growing up, some for better, some for worse. Since they're still really little I'm not overly concerned about any of that quite yet, but it is kind of difficult sometimes to be the mom of 2 year old twins and the pastor during the service.

Marcus serves as the tech. person in the church right now (sort of by default) and so he does his best to manage the technology during the service and our kids too. They were in rare form this morning, probably due to waking up at 6:30 am and so the first part of the service was conducted with Emerson in my arms.

As I was doing the Call to Worship Emerson kept tapping the microphone. So I would say a line and then swing away from the microphone during the congregations response and then repeat the process.

We also had a really small service this morning and so Eli and Emerson were the only kids. It's kind of funny to do the children's moment with just my kids, especially because they're two. I did a 2 year old version of what I had planned and then I told them to fold their hands so we could pray. When I did that Emerson pointed to Marcus and said, "daddy pray too."

She's used to us all praying together and she wanted to make sure he too had his hands folded.

They went to sunday school and I got to finish my service without a child in my arms.

After the service I asked Emerson how sunday school was and she kept pointing to the door and then putting a finger to her lips and saying "shhhh..." I could not figure out what she was trying to tell them.

When I talked to the teacher she told me that they borrowed a wagon from another member in our congregation (It's a small town so people walk to church and the wagon was used to transport the refreshments for fellowship).  As a joke the teacher said, "Shhh... don't tell that we took the wagon without asking." So Emerson was indeed telling me about sunday school, telling me about not telling about the wagon.

Finally, one last note. Eli learned a very valuable PK lesson. We haven't been able to find his backpack that his gram bought him. We had an event last week which included a rummage sale. As we were helping clean up we found his backpack for sale on the table.

Let this be a lesson to him that if he leaves his things at a church they might be donated or sold for 50 cents. He's very happy to have his bag back haha.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snuggle bug...

Last night on two different occasions Emerson and piggy made the trek down the over the baby gate, down the hall, up the hope chest, and into our bed.

Each time she snuggled underneath the covers between me and Marcus, and each time she put her arm around my neck and snuggled right next to me.

It was so sweet. However, she needs to learn to stay in her bed. So each time Marcus carried her back.

She's always been a snuggle bug and I love it.

She's a little possessive though. Today I was rocking Eli in my arms. He just wasn't himself, when Emerson saw me she came over and laid right down on Eli and said, "mama me." She has to learn to share her mama.

Friday, October 28, 2011

I've never been so happy to spend $629...

and all I purchased was a one month supply of my Crohn's medication. Due to the crazy cost I haven't been able to afford my medication since August.  Some unexpected blessings finally made it possible.

As I was filling the prescription the Pharmacy Tech looked at the price and asked, "Do you know how much this costs?"

Then she took my insurance information and she freaked out again, "Do you realize that you have a $750 deductible."

Why yes, I knew both of those things.

I have awful insurance because I have Crohn's, and because I have Crohn's I need a medication that costs $750 a month and no generic exists. It's a fun messed up cycle.

This is not okay. For everyone who claims that the United States does not need health care reform then they are far more privileged than I am (and all things considered in many areas I suppose I could be considered privileged, although I'm still the 99% haha a little joke for all of you following the occupy wall street stuff.  Okay now a side note. When we were in town today, filling my prescription, we drove by the city hall area, they had an Occupy "Name of City" there were 3 people there. I told Marcus I might need to go help them occupy, it was just kind of sad.)

Any way I had the same conversation with the lady as I was paying for my medication, "Do you know how much this costs?" She was almost afraid to tell me. I am just happy that for this next month I have my medication. You have no idea how big of a relief this is for me.

Thank you to the amazing blessing gifted to me.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cute things...

I feel like at this age they are constantly doing or saying things that I think are adorable. Of course it's probably mostly adorable to me but it's my blog so I get to share even if no one else cares.

1.) A few mornings ago I was sitting in our rocking chair reading. Eli and Emerson usually play by themselves really well in the mornings and I try not to disturb them at all (I'm trying to foster independent play that doesn't involve being attached to me).

They were both in the living room, it was quiet, we were all happily engrossed in what we were doing. When I looked up from my book I noticed Emerson...

She was sitting exactly like I was sitting, engrossed in her book. So much focus and concentration. I realized that she was doing exactly what I was doing. Spending the morning reading. It melted my heart. She "read" her books intently for about 20 minutes.

2.) Yesterday, Emerson decided that piggy needed a diaper. So I obliged because I think her love of piggy is adorable.
Piggy in a diaper. Of course not to be out done Eli decided his blanket needed a diaper...

Which was pretty much the most hysterical thing I've ever seen. This boy and his blanket. He insists on dragging it every where. 

He was adjusting the diaper.

4.) Eli is also getting much better and remember things or attempting to tell me things. Emerson and Eli both have trouble keeping their pants up. They're scrawny. The other day they were playing when Eli came to me and said, "sissy pants"

He then pulled me by the hand to show me that Emerson's pants had indeed fallen all the way off. 

He also gave me a report of his time with Marcus. They went to the park (Which Eli and Emerson call the "wee"). I asked Eli what he did with daddy he told me, "daddy, wee, wagon. He went with his daddy to the park in the wagon. Adorable.

5.) We live in a very small community surrounded by farms. Recently they've been finishing up one harvest and preparing their fields for another season of planting. In preparation they've been spreading cow manure everywhere and so it smells quiet strongly.

We were driving to the store when we passed a field with a fresh layer of manure. Emerson got the most panicked look on her face, scrunched up her nose, and said, "mama, mama, nose." 

I guess she's not quite used to being a country girl. 

On unrelated notes:

They still won't nap with the exception of two days ago when I somehow managed to get them both asleep for about an hour.

We also cannot get Emerson to wear her glasses. We're not suppose to force the issue but she won't even put them on at this point. Any suggestions? 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My little Artists...

The other day I was feeling ready for a mess so I pulled out some paint and decided to let Eli and Emerson make some Halloween paintings.

They both had a great time. Emmy was a little more serious about the actual painting working very carefully and intently. Eli was more excited about the paint in general. I was really proud of him though because he started finger painting on his own free-will and didn't freak out. There was a time when he couldn't handle anything on his hands. We've come so far. 

She was so excited to show me the picture. (Eli wouldn't hold his for me). 

Eli's finished paintings. 

Emmy's finished paintings.

Now of course everyday they ask to paint. I will say as ready I am for our weather to cool down it is nice that the mess could go outside instead of my house.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


I wish there was some way I could preserve, or even describe this child of mine.

She's nuts in the most wonderful way. She's compassionate, she funny, she's stubborn, loud and demanding. Lately, she's been talking more and more.

It's not always words but she chatters non-stop. Talking on the phone is one of her new favorite things and when a parishioner called me this morning, to let me know they wouldn't be at church, Emerson loudly demanded "TALK TALK."

Of course as cute as I think they are I'm not going to subject church members to my children's phone babblings at 9 in the morning that's what grandparents are for.

So after getting of the phone we called her granddad and gram and she filled them in on a few things including, "mama's necklace." Which was her new fascination today. So much so that before we could go to church I had to dig out random necklaces for both of them from my jewelry box.

Later, she she called her gram again and her conversation went something like this, "gakdljfakjdkfj adkfhakdf;akdfa akdhfdakfkadjf yeah."

Did I mention she says yeah? It's hilarious.

Emerson do you want to be a doctor? "Yeah"

Emerson do you want to go to church? "Yeah"

What makes it even better though is you can't trick her. Emerson you want to go to bed? "No"

I pretty much have the best time asking her yes or no questions all day just to see how she's feeling about things.

She also talks to Eli all the time, asks him questions, tells him to do things, give him hugs. Today at dinner she was babbling, "akjdf;kahdk;fhad bubba cuckoo cuckoo." Eli seems to understand her though.

She also recently started saying Hello, except she can't say her l's so it's more like ewwoah.

When she can't find us she shouts "Ewwoah"

When she wants a door opened she knocks and shouts, "ewwoah, ewwoah"

She cracks me up (and frustrates me and challenges me) but I love her little personality and it was in full force today.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Scenes from around our house...

Eli decided that each little pumpkin needs its own coaster.

They're supposed to be in that basket on the right. I find his decorating touches adorable. 
I put them back in the basket and then he moves them back on their coasters. 

I dropped the keys inside the toaster when Marcus was at work and couldn't get them out. I was afraid I would forget to tell him, then he would make toast in the morning, and it seems like nothing good could come from that. So I left a note. 

These days if Eli naps it's in the middle of the family room floor. 

Emmy cut her finger (notice the big bandage). Then she decided both piggy and blankie had owies too. (you can't really see piggy's in the picture), but they all had bandages. It was a very dramatic morning. 

Reading a book inside a storage cube. Whatever works for the boy.
Marcus told Emmy to smile. This is what he got... it's kind of like a smile hahaha.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's a movie watching kind of a day...

None of us got any sleep last night. I finally dozed off around 1:30 am just in time to wake up at 2 am to a hysterical Eli, burning with fever, and totally inconsolable.

Eli was thrashing everywhere and it was clear that he was in a great deal of pain. Emerson of course woke up in the commotion and she started crying and kept saying, "bubba owie, bubba owie."

Marcus ended up taking Eli to the ER around 3 because we couldn't get him to calm down. The sight of Eli and Marcus leaving upset Emerson even more so she and I hung out and she finally fell asleep in bed with me around 3:45. I stayed awake waiting to hear from Marcus and it doesn't help that we live in Mayberry so the drive to the ER is an hour round trip.

I think we were all back in our own beds and asleep close to 5 am.

Eli has an ear infection and today the four of us our incredibly sleep deprived.

Marcus is at work.

I have papers that I'm editing that have to be sent out today for my ordination stuff (There's no flexibility in this deadline) and Eli and Emerson have been watching movies.

I usually feel guilty when they spend so much time in front of the TV, I try to limit it to one show a day, but I feel like the circumstances warrant a movie day.

Back to work.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Favorites October 2011...

Katie over at Creole Wisdom tagged me in her post about a week ago. I lost all of my book marks so I've been behind on my blog reading, I really need to find some time and reconstruct my links. 
Favorite colour? Green, but a very specific kind of green. Not forest or dark green more of a Green Apple kind of green. I love it. Green sneaks its way into many of the rooms in my house. 
Favorite animal? Giraffe. I have to say though my love of giraffes diminished some after everyone in the universe starting buying me everything related to giraffes. At one point my entire apartment was overrun with them. I'm pared it down to just a few of my favorites these days and my house is much more even in this regard. 
Favorite number? 13 for a couple of reasons. 1.) I like to be difficult so if people think this is unluckily I embrace it. 2). It was my number in basketball my 8th grade year. Making the team that year was a huge personal victory for me. 
Favorite alcoholic/non alcoholic drink? My favorite alcoholic drink is Woodchuck Cider. I discovered this during my three years in Connecticut. I cannot for the life of me find it on the west coast, it's quite sad. In fact when ever I try and order hard cider of any variety people over here look at me like I'm insane. Non-alcoholic Dr Pepper. It's my vice I have one every day. Whenever Eli sees a Dr. Pepper he points and says, "mamas drink". 
Facebook or Twitter? Facebook although I do have a twitter account and I like following others on there. 
Your Passions? Social Justice issues, preaching, my job, books 

Your wish list for this month? This is hard one especially since most of the hard stuff is behind me. I suppose it's to accomplish everything that I need to do in a manner that I'm proud of. This has been an incredibly busy month for me and I'm having a hard time finding time to do everything. 
Favorite pattern? I'm pretty sure I don't have one. 
Favorite day of the week? Sundays. I love leading worship and preaching. I also love Sunday afternoons when church is over. I'm the most relaxed at that moment because my service has ended and I don't have to think about another sermon until the next day. 
Favorite flowers? This is a hard one for me. I love bouquets that are full of all kinds of flowers. Especially if they're brightly colored. 
Favorite photo as of late:
My girls from grad. school. I love and miss them. I miss living just a few blocks away from them. Now we're spread out all over the country. 

I tag Jess and Debbie and anyone else who feels inspired to document their current favorites. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Emmy scared me to death tonight...

I put Eli and Emerson to bed tonight around 7 like usual. Then around 7:45 I went to check on them (this was the third time) because I wanted to see if Emerson finally fell asleep. She's a stubborn little girl and fights sleep.

When I went into their room Emerson's bed was empty. I frantically looked in their closet and on the sides of their beds hoping she was hiding but she wasn't any where in the room.

Then I started searching our house. The entire backside of our house was dark (except for their nightlight) and there was no noise. She wasn't in the toy room or my office (they usually sneak through my office when they get out of bed).

I ran to my bedroom (which was also pitch black) and then I heard her snoring (what a blessing her snoring was tonight). I flipped on the light and found this:
Emerson and piggy sleeping soundly in my bed.

How she managed to get over the baby gate, through the dark and climb into our very tall bed is beyond me. I would just like to reiterate once again how much I hate toddler beds. I miss the safety and security of knowing they're contained. I miss their naps, oh how I miss nap time. They don't nap anymore at all. Eli often gets very close to falling asleep but then Emerson encourages him not to.  

I'm terrified that one day they're going to wake up and wander outside or something (Eli can unlock and open our front door).

Two nights ago Emerson came into our room at 1:00am luckily Marcus heard her as she whispered into the dark "daddy". 

Did I mention I hate toddler beds. 

Luckily, she was safe and sound. Not an experience I ever want to repeat. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Working from home doesn't work...

especially when you have 2 year old twins.

My office is in my house and so most of my work during the week takes places in my home. This is all well and grand except for 2 things: Eli & Emerson.

Oh my word. They seem to know when I'm doing something work related and then they strike.

Last week I was on the phone doing some preparations for a funeral. During that conversation they both climbed up onto my bathroom counter, and were helping themselves to my lotion and my make-up.

After I removed them from that situation Eli went and unplugged the phone and I lost contact all together.

Then tonight I schedule a phone call for 8pm. I assumed that my children would be in bed and asleep by this point.

I put them to bed at 7 and waited for my phone call. As soon as I started my conversation both Eli and Emerson climbed out of their beds, over the fence we have blocking their door and they came out into the living room.

Since I was on a work related call I couldn't even say anything to them, so while trying to maintain a conversation I had to haul each of them back to their beds.

Then we repeated this scenario about 7 times. I was out of breath and so angry all the while trying to talk on the phone. I was also incredibly out of breath due to the lugging of two toddlers over a baby gate repeated times.

Oh my lord. It didn't help that Marcus had to work late tonight too. Normally he gets off at 8 but not tonight.

I'm exhausted these children NEED to nap, and they NEED to go to sleep at night. My sanity and my career depends on it.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011...

The nice thing about living in Mayberry is we're literally surrounded by agriculture. In the past we've had to drive an hour or so to find a pumpkin patch and corn maze, but not here. There's one literally right down the road so off we went.

I just wanted one picture of the two of them. 
They refuse to comply crazy two year olds. 

They were both in love with this chair. 

She would not look at the camera. 

Here turn in the wood chair. 

And their favorite activity jumping. 

I'm pretty sure they would have spent the entire time jumping off the hay if we would have allowed it. 

Jumping while holding hands doesn't always work so well. 

More climbing.

I think they had a good time, but what I always find so interesting is that they do not know how to deal with other kids. They'll be playing and then as soon as another kid shows up they both stop and just stare. It's bizarre. They do the same thing at the playground. If there's another kid present they don't seem to know how to play, and they stop in their tracks. I suppose we'll need to work on this.  

Friday, October 14, 2011

Emmy has glasses...

She finally got her glasses yesterday and now our new challenge is finding ways to encourage her to wear them. The doctor says it's going to take some time for her to see the benefit in wearing them since she only has one eye that needs correction, and her good eye is already so used to m compensating for the other one.

To start anytime we're reading or she's reading and also any time she's watching TV. We'll see how this goes. She was so cute though. After she got them we went back to the waiting room where Eli and Marcus were, and Emmy was so excited to show Eli her new glasses. She had them on and walked right up to his face and said, "bubba, bubba." Once Eli saw them, off they went.

As of right now her record for keeping them on in one time frame is about 10 minutes. It's a start.
Isn't she cute in her glasses?

Of course piggy had to have a try at wearing the glasses too.

Yesterday, at the eye doctor Emmy still wouldn't put her chin on the platform and look. I used piggy as an example and when I handed piggy back to Emmy, Emerson was sure that he had an owie from the event. So much for that strategy. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Their personalities...

What I find so fascinating about Eli and Emerson is how consistent their personalities have been since before birth. Even inside Eli was this calm easy going baby. He hung out in one position, occasionally would kick and let me know he was around, but the doctors could always pinpoint his heartbeat immediately because he was very consistent. During ultrasounds he was very easy to get pictures of, and we have so many perfect profile views of him.

As a baby he continued to sort of be low key and easy going. Never in a hurry or rush. It took him forever and a day to drink a bottle. Good lord the boy was a lazy eater and he was pretty content with anyone. A new babysitter would not faze him at all.

And today he continues to be this way. He's still never in a hurry. When we go for walks he folds his arms across his chest and takes everything in. Really, really slowly. There's no hurrying him. He listens amazingly well for a two year old. When I tell him to stop doing something, go get something, or pretty much anything he just does it.

What prompted this post was today he requested more juice. I told him we were out of juice so he said, "all-gone juice" and then said "thank you" to the cup of water I handed him off he went.

Now miss Emerson. Is pretty much the exact opposite of this. Inside she was all over the place. Changing positions everyday, refusing to stay on the monitors (thus prompting the need for me to be monitored more). We have over 20 ultrasounds and we don't have a single profile of her because she refused to hold still for the ultrasound tech. She was impossible.

Then in the NICU the nurses all had a common description for our little 3lb peanut. Feisty, she was constantly ripping out her tubes, she refused to take a bottle, by clenching her jaw down and she would not budge an inch. She is not a fan of strangers and from a very early age she perfected this glare when ever anyone approached.

When babysitters would come over she would sit in her swing and stare at the wall refusing to allow pretty much everyone to hold her (except her Delfin she loved him, Delfin called her his little diva).

And she continues to be so independent and feisty. She's pretty openly defiant, when she wants her way she's pretty clear about making that known. She's also incredibly sweet and cuddly and loves to be held and snuggled.

Here's how she reacted to the news that there was no more juice, by laying on the floor and screaming "JUICE, JUICE" as though the entire world was coming to an end.

I adore that they're so different and I wouldn't change anything about them. They complement each other perfectly haha.

She just finished running across the yard. This was her finishing pose. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

CT adventures...

I had such a great time in CT. Seriously, it was just perfect. Pretty much all of our significant others couldn't attend due to the cost of travel so it was pretty much a girls (long) weekend which was awesome.

Thursday night was the bachelorette party which was a great time. Dinner and dancing at the club. Although, at the club I had to provide a back-up form of identification. The bouncer said it was because I had an out state license but so did 6 others in our group and none of them had too. I know, I know, one day I'll appreciate looking young.

No pictures from the bachelorette party but I had a fabulous time with the girls. We got home from the party a little after midnight (because that was when we could get a shuttle back to the hotel) and then we stayed up talking until 4 eek.

Friday was rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. One of our friends from divinity school preformed the ceremony and the rehearsal was very efficient 32 minutes a record! I have high hopes that when I preform weddings my rehearsal will also be swift.

Me and two of my very best friends from div. school

And the four of us. The bride is in the green. Some of my dearest and most treasured friends. These three are god parents to my children.
Such a pretty cupcake. The flower however not edible. Want to know how I know? I took a bite, it was Styrofoam. Awesome 

And cider. The only drink I like. This picture was mostly for my west coast friends who think I'm making up such things. 

We stayed up talking friday night until 3am after we got back to the hotel from the reception. Not a lot of sleeping happening.

Then of course saturday was the big day and it was so beautiful.  A perfect fall wedding in Connecticut. Everything about it was just perfection.
The bride the morning of the wedding

Walking to the church

The view from the reception site. So beautiful.

Me and sandra. I love this picture. 

Some friends from grad. school

Someone in the group was inspired by the brick wall. 

The center pieces. 

Cocktails before dinner. 

Delicious food. 

All the ladies from grad school with the bride. (I look so incredibly short I always feel much taller than I actually am). 

The bride. The beer was all home brewed.  
Beautiful reception site. Perfect for a fall wedding in CT. 

Everything was so beautiful. 

The happy groom and bride. 

The pie (in lieu of cake) baked at a local orchid. 

More group photos. 

The Pie table

I loved the fall decor. 

So perfect. 

I had the best time. I can't wait until we all get together again.