Thursday, April 30, 2009

31 Weeks

I am so grateful to make it another week. I've had a fair amount of contractions this week resulting in a lot of monitoring time, but the babies are still doing great and seem pretty unaffected by all of the contraction business. I've also been able to avoid the IV. Each time I contract for several hours they bring it up as a possibility, but I am drinking so much water in an effort to combat that option. If I'm not dehydrated (which I never am) then there's no need for the IV, at least that's my current logic. One of the nurses picked up on this and commented that, "I drink more water than anyone she's ever seen." Part of this I think is carry over from my running days. Staying hydrated has become somewhat second nature and now that it's so important for the babies I have no problem drinking without cessation if necessary.

This week they also decided to test me for UTI to see if that was possibly causing my contractions (even though I had zero symptoms). They started to treat it for a few days with an antibiotic that needed to be taken four times a day (I love being woken in the middle of the night) luckily that only lasted for a few days because just as I suspected no UTI for me. My blood pressure has also been incredibly low lately which is in part probably related to the procardia. Once it was too low for me to even take the procardia at the necessary time, and the low blood pressure is causing dizziness, which makes all the trips to the bathroom extra precarious.

On Tuesday I felt awful and ended up getting really dizzy and throwing up. When the doctor found out his lovely advice was next time I feel dizzy don't get up. I then asked if he expected me to just throw up all over myself because that was the alternative to not getting up to go to the bathroom. I see his point passing out would be bad, but come on... he did bring me a bucket in case there was a next time. Being in the hospital is so glamourous, with the gowns, people bothering me at all hours despite my need for rest, and the lovely conversations about throwing up on myself. Blah...

I've also had a few other visits this week. An anthesiologist came to talk to me about the risks related to my bleeding disorder and giving birth. He confirmed for the millionth time that I would receive the DDAVP just as I have before every surgery, but then he listed all the things that could go wrong. Paralysis related to excess bleeding and pressure on the spine, the need for a hysterectomy if they couldn't control the bleeding and all kinds of other fun things. He was a little bit void of personality and just listed all of this information without blinking or even pausing for a breath.

I also met with the nutritionist yesterday. According to my weigh in yesterday I still haven't gained any weight and I'm getting concerned about this. She offered some advice and I'm attempting to drink ensure for extra calories even though it's awful.

I think that's pretty much the excitement of the last week (oh and I wrote a paper for school) when I emailed to my professor he mentioned being impressed with my ability to write and turn in the paper on time, while pregnant with twins in the hospital, my thoughts were he should probably suspend his amazement until after he's actually read the paper. I'm pretty sure it's not my finest work. One more paper to write for the semester.

Anyways, I'm still pregnant, still in the hospital, still on bedrest and I officially have no more muscle mass. I tried to flex my calf muscle yesterday it was pretty pathetic I guess 4 weeks of laying around will do that to a person.

Belly pics.

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Cassandra said...

Here from LFCA...

Good for you for turning in your paper! I'm sure most professors would have given you an extension, but I'm sure it's nice to get it out of the way and a good way to relieve boredom.

I hope that your babies are patient and you have to put up with many more weeks of bedrest in the hospital.

Take care...