Friday, May 29, 2009

3 Weeks old (35 weeks 1 day)

Weights Yesterday: 5lbs and 3lbs 11oz (Emerson lost an oz)
Weights today: 5lbs 1oz and 3lbs 14oz

Eli updates: They took out his feeding tube this morning which means he now has to take all of his feeds by bottle. He did pretty well today. Some of the feedings took forever because he gets so tired but so far so good. I also nursed him again today and he did really well. The LC said he was the feeding champ of the week...

They've also started talking about Eli's discharge. They haven't given us a specific date but more than likely he'll be coming home sometime next week assuming his feeds continue to go well. His blood tests for von willebrands also came back all clear. And he he finally succeeded in getting his thumb in his mouth and sucking it was so adorable. He's getting so big and filling out nicely.

Here's our cute boy wide awake waiting to eat without any tubes or wires on his face for the first time in his life.

Emerson updates: Emerson also continues to improve. She moved out of her isolette into an open air crib yesterday. She's having a little trouble maintaining her temp, and it doesn't help that she's an escape artist and can get out of her swaddle. When I called to check on her this morning her nurse said she had escaped about 40 times.

The doctors also had to repeat her Von willebrands blood work because her clotting time came back a little slow (one of the signs of von willebrands). Her next set of labs was a little better but still not great and I'm still waiting to talk with hematology to see what they want to say/do about this. They're also having Emerson try and take all her feeds by bottle but she does best about every other time, and many times she's too tired to take all of it so the remainder is given through her tube. She still chokes quit a bit and then we have a blue baby incident which freaks us both out. She work with the OT again today and all in all is doing great. They did add another supplement to the breastmilk that she is fed so that she's taking in more calories since she's still so tiny.

So that's where we're at. The babies continue to improve each day and hopefully we'll have them both home sometime soon, and another family picture because the dad next to us offered to take it and we weren't going to turn him down.

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~Jess said...

I am so happy that they're doing so well! The pictures of them are so precious, Eli's chubby cheeks and Emerson's silly faces.