Monday, May 18, 2009

What a difference the nurse makes...

Last night we had the bad nurse again. She's just awful (I do want to say she's not doing anything 'wrong' she just makes us uncomfortable) to the point that I almost started crying when she was touching my baby. She still won't let us do anything, although she did ask if we wanted to dress Emerson last night. She gave us exactly two minutes before she said, "Do you just want me to do it?" um... again no we don't. I realize that Marcus and I are not as efficient at changing and dressing the babies as the nurses but we're new at this. Putting the baby in the an over the head onesie was a new challenge, not to mention we had to weave all the wires through. We got her dressed we just need space and time to figure things out. Her hovering does not help. We did get her dressed (as is evident in the pic below).

She also clearly has a preference for girl babies which drives me nuts. She just makes Marcus and I tense. Last night she was rubbing Emerson's head really hard. I have no idea if this is beneficial in anyway (does anyone know? I googled but found nothing, aside from placing the hand on the head, which we do, but not rubbing) but both Marcus and I hated it, and it made us tense and upset. To which she assumed we were fighting and started asking all kinds of questions, I just wanted to blurt out that she was the problem. I'm definitely going to be speaking to someone about not having her assigned to our babies. I don't want our time with the babies to be uncomfortable. In good news though both babies gained an oz. So Emerson is officially back at her birth weight 3lbs 30z, and Eli reached the 4lbs mark.

Today we went back in the afternoon and had a such a great experience all due to the nurse. Emerson ate 17cc from a bottle, and loves sucking her pacifier. It's so big but she sucks on it so well it's adorable. They aren't going to push her too fast with the bottle though since it requires so much energy and we're trying to fatten our babies up, not have them burn calories.

The nurse also let me change Emerson and check her temp, and gave me space and time to do it because as I mentioned above I'm still not speedy with the changing process. Marcus was then able to change Eli and the nurse also moved Eli's isolette over next to Emerson's so that Marcus and I can sit by each other and each hold a baby. (Previously they were across the room from one another).

Finally, Marcus was able to do kangaroo care with Eli for the first time (I wore the wrong shirt). It was adorable and Eli really seemed to like it.

I would have done it with Emerson but she's being our little glow baby again because of her bili levels. Hopefully she'll be off the lights tomorrow and we can each do kangaroo care with a baby. It was such a nice relaxing (well as relaxing as the NICU can be) time. Compared to our experiences with their night nurse.


~Jess said...

They are so absolutely precious and you both look so over the moon happy that every single pictures always brings tears to my eyes *HUGS* I'm so happy for you guys!

Queenie. . . said...

GREAT news on the weight gain!!!

Definitely talk to the nursing staff. You don't need extra stress. Good luck--I hope it's all good nurses from here.