Saturday, June 30, 2012

It's Moving Day...

We're moving today! I'm exhausted already and it's only 9am. We're currently waiting for the movers who were suppose to be here anytime between 8 & 9.

Then we're off for our new city, and I start my new job tomorrow. I don't know when we'll have internet at our new house (hopefully soon). So I'll update when I can,

I'm hoping Eli & Emmy do okay with the move. They've been walking around the house for the past two days saying, "I don't want a new house I want this house." Over and over.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

We're Home...

We're home from my work conference and even more exciting Disneyland!!

We had a great time Eli & Emmy loved it, now we get to move in 2 days. More later but here's a couple pictures for now.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Candy Store...

Eli & Emmy are going to spend some time with their grandparents this week while I'm a work conference. But before the handoff we're staying the night in a City that's a halfway point for us.

We took Eli & Emerson to a candy store. They loved it! (And they might be eating candy for dinner in our hotel room, we're on vacation...)

The posed themselves, silly kids.

Such good friends.

Eli, eyeing all the candy.

Emmy beyond excited

Hopefully, we get some rest tonight since I have full days of conference for the next 4 days, then off to disneyland, and then we move. All in the next 10 days eek.

Fairytale Land...

Last week on Thursday and Friday I was required to attend a class for my ordination process about 2 hours from our town.

Since we only have one car, Marcus decided that he and the kids would drive me up there, and then before heading back he would take them to visit Fairytale Land. Marcus was a little nervous because this was our first big outing since starting the potty training adventure. A 2 hour car ride, then being in a public place, then a 2 hour car ride back home.

I'm happy to report they made it through the day without any accidents, and have actually been accident free for about 5 days now. I'm officially declaring them potty trained. (Except for nighttime but that will come with time I'm told. I'm not overly worried about that yet).

Anyways, they had a great time on their outing with their daddy. In fact Marcus told me as they were leaving Eli said, "I love the wee, I had fun."

He's such a sweet boy.

Checking out the Sheep

Marcus told Emmy to say "Cheese" this is what he got.

Since moving to the country Eli has been desperate to drive a tractor. Every time we pass one he asks to drive. We had to drive to the city to do it, but he finally got his chance. Marcus said he had to force him off of it. 

Going down the "Wee"

Driving the boat

Big feet

Eli on the "Wee"

Sunday, June 17, 2012

My last Sunday...

Today was my last sunday serving as pastor at my current church.

A bittersweet day with such a nice sendoff.

They had a potluck for me (because that's what my denomination does, potlucks for everything haha)

The sunday school class did a little something, a few gifts, and they wrote me poem.

Sadie, is Steadfast, intent on her way.
She's Ambitious, meeting challenges each and every day.
She's Dedicated to her church, committed to her congregation.
She's Intelligent, which shows in her superb articulation.
She's Endearing most of all, which makes it difficult to share just how much we will miss her and show how much we care.
But..... we are a rock. And she is a Stone! That pretty much says it all.
Sadie is sent off with our blessings, as she follows our Lord's call.
Our Pastor Sadie-- what a lady; she's on her way we know.
Wherever Pastor Sadie goes, her gifts and graces she will show.

Loving, The Congregation [of my church]

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Artists Way - Toolkit

The Artists way tool-kit was created by Julia Cameron as a tool to help people all of areas develop to help people of all abilities, from all walks of life, bring out their inner-artist.

It's described as follows on the website  "The Artist's Date is yet another tool in your arsenal as you navigate this process of creative renewal and discovery. A festive solo undertaking to explore something that excites or interests you, the Artist's Date is play. This word "play" is pivotal. Creativity comes forward by being coaxed, not bludgeoned. But how can "play" help you work on your art?"

Each day as part of the process we're required to do what's called "morning pages" to write 3 pages, long hand, without our computers, without thoughts, just write each morning.

Then there are prompts and daily inspirations to help write and create.

I've been using this service for about 2 weeks now, and I'm honestly still somewhat confused about why it exists and how to get the most out of it.

I enjoy the exercise of writing, but I have a hard time writing without my computer. I'm of a generation that my thoughts seem to stream better when I type. I can type faster than I can write, and the main benefit is when I'm done writing on a computer I'm able to read what I've written. (I have horrific handwriting).

The weekly challenges and prompts have been okay for me, and I really want to love this product and service, but I honestly am still not sure what the primary goal is.

Perhaps the tool-kit is better understood in collaboration with Julia Cameron's book, or perhaps I'm not the right kind of artist.

But I will keep plugging along. Although I will say that the exercise of writing daily is valuable (even if I don't like writing on paper haha).

I was compensated for this BlogHer Book Club review but all opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, June 11, 2012

We're Potty Training... successfully... I hope...

I don't want to jinx anything but we're on day four of our latest potty training attempt with both Eli & Emerson.

Eli's been on board in the past on some days and then not again on others. Emerson never had any desire, but four days ago we decided it was time for both of them.

And so off we went. Our first day there were lots of accidents and lots of cries for diapers.

Day two was better, just a few accidents.

Yesterday just one accident, and today no accidents!

They've both been doing so well, especially Emerson which is a huge surprise given her past avoidance. Eli has trouble when he's not home and needs to go potty, he always says, "I want to go home."

Emerson, has even gotten up after bedtime to tell us she has to go potty. I don't want to jinx anything but I think we're actually going to get them potty trained so they can go to preschool.

Emerson is hilarious though she seems to think that she and I need matching "unner-wear" every morning she asks, "What color your unner-wear mama?" Then runs off to find matching. I have no idea where she came from, silly girl.

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Wedding...

I love weddings and lucky for me three of my friends from grad. school have had weddings in the last year. My brother-in-law seems to think I'm addicted to weddings but what's not to love. It was a beautiful Episcopalian service and of course I got to see lots of friends from all over. 

Eli & Emerson after the wedding. 

Our family. Doesn't Marcus look good he's lost 23lbs in the last couple of months. I'm so proud of him.

Emmy and one of her godparents. When she was a baby she was very picky about who could hold her, and would scream if anyone other than me, Marcus, or Delfin held her. This was a lifesaver for me in the times when they had to go to class with me or when they needed a baby-sitter. 

Emmy with both of her Godparents

Eli and one of his Godparents 

The lovely couple

Friends from Grad. school

Me and one of my very best friends Sara

And two of my very best friends (we were missing one).

Thursday, June 7, 2012


One of the things I really wanted to do with Eli & Emerson on vacation was go to build-a-bear. It's just so cute, and we took our niece with us too.

Eli built a puppy and Emerson made a pig (no surprise in either of these selections).

First they had to rub their hearts.

And give the hears kisses.

Then it was time for the stuff.

Giving there animals a bath.

The loved cleaning their animals. They were at this station for a long time.

My brother-in-law with his daughters new creation.

Naming the animals. Emmy named hers piggy. Eli named his "3" probably because when ever you ask him what his name is he says, "three" apparently age and name are interchangeable to him.

All done!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Busy, Busy, & in a Funk...

I've been neglecting my blog. I actually do have things to blog about, I still haven't blogged about our March for babies this year, our recent trip to AZ, the wedding, etc. etc.

But I just haven't felt up to it. Last week after getting back from a week long vacation we were home for 2 days and decided to make a quick trip home. It's only a 7 hour drive (much better than our 11 hour drive).

My mom was moving and needed some help and my cousin graduated. I always have a hard time going home for a lot of reasons, and some of the circumstances at home are part of my funk.

I know this is vague but I don't want to put too much out there, especially since I think I just need to get over it. I just mourn the loss of the relationship I used to have with my BIL and it's hard to go home and see him briefly but it's all different. It sucks and it makes me sad.

Now of course we're moving, but we spent 5 hours today at the Children's hospital for Emerson's hematology appointment. She did really well and I liked the doctor a lot but my goodness it was busy and took forever.

We had lunch in the cafeteria in the hospital because the hospital is literally in the middle of no where. It was strange how being in an entire different hospital, in a new state, with 3 year old Eli & Emerson, and yet it was a trigger for their NICU stuff.

So much anxiety and emotions tied into the experience of being in that space. Thankfully, just being in a hospital no longer brings back as many of the old emotions as it used to.

Emmy had an epic tantrum in the cafeteria over having to share her food. It was not pretty. I was able to calmly talk to her and it actually seemed to work. I just kept saying, "I know you're angry and frustrated but we can't scream."

Then Emerson wanted a drink from Eli, so when he gave it to her, he looked at us, and then he totally mimicked her meltdown. He thought he was hilarious (and honestly it was a pretty good impression). He cracks me up.

Okay, I have to go eat dinner and then back. I apologize this post is all over the place.