Sunday, May 31, 2009

Guess what we brought home today...

Eli! It happened so fast. Yesterday morning when we called to check in on them the nurse informed Marcus that Eli was being discharged the next day, holy crap. Marcus had to leave work and we frantically ran around trying to figure out last minute details like the carseats, and washing the sheets, clothes etc. Then for the rest of the day yesterday we were at the hospital asking the nurse a million questions trying to prepare ourselves for having our baby home.

Eli was also circumcised yesterday and he was a trooper. He's so laid back. The nurses warned me that I may hear him crying when they put his arms down and when they gave him the local, but nope not a peep out of our little boy the entire time. He seemed pretty unfazed by the whole thing.

This morning we went to the hospital early because discharge is suppose to be at 11. Lucky us got the slowest nurse in the universe (who is computer illiterate and couldn't figure out the discharge papers) so we ended up staying for 6 hours and finally bringing out little boy home around 5 and he was discharged weighing 5lbs 1oz. We successfully got through his first feeding at home. I nursed him for about 15 minutes and then we gave him a bottle of breastmilk and he went back to sleep. So far so good.

This is Eli in his first outfit of the day, he peed all over it so it didn't last long.

Our tiny baby in his carseat.

I still feel a little out of it since all of this happened literally overnight but we finally have one of our babies.

The next good news... Emerson is supposed to be discharged tomorrow morning! Last night she pulled out her feeding tube (because that's what she does) and rather than put it back they decided to see how she would do taking all of her feeds by bottle. Apparently she's doing well enough to be discharged even though as of yesterday she only weighed 3lbs 14oz. Today they were letting her eat as much as she wanted (I think this is their effort to fatten her up).

Emerson without any tubes on her face for the first time (I bet she was happy she's been pulling on them since the day she was born.)

We feel so blessed at how well our tiny 32 week old babies are doing. All of the weeks of bedrest were worth it so that their time in the hospital could be as short as possible. In the end they're going to spend less time in the NICU than I spent on bedrest and I would gladly do all of those weeks of nothing (as hard as it was) again. We are so grateful for their health and growth.

They still struggle with their feeds so we're hoping for a relatively easy time with that even though it sometimes takes them 40 minutes to finish a bottle. We're going to be exhausted (I already am) but soon we'll be done with the hospital and between my bedrest there and the NICU stay we are so over that place.

As I write my little baby is sleeping soundly in his crib (he looks so miniature inside the big crib) but he's content and so are we for the moment. (Although we check on him about every 5 minutes at this point).

Finally Home!


Stacie said...

OMG! I am so excited for you! Congratulations. :-) I can't wait for you all to be home.

Cassandra said...

Congrats on bringing Eli home! Hope Emerson joins him very soon.

Best wishes!

Christi said...

I am in tears I am sooo happy for you. This is amazing news. (My goal was to get thru the day without crying, but I don't think this counts...bedrest and hospitals are getting the best of me)

Congrats so glad to hear the babies are doing so well.

Queenie. . . said...

Wow! That happened so fast! Congrat's on how well they are doing, and good luck to you!