Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day #1...

Yesterday was both amazing and exhausting. The exhausting part; being required to move. Holy crap, I don't think I've ever heard anyone mention how much a C-section hurts, and their remedy for healing faster, moving more even though that's the last thing I feel like doing. This is of course complicated by the weeks of bedrest that have left me without any muscle in my legs or arms. They kept telling me to use my legs to help me stand up, yeah right. Every movement, every step yesterday was horrible. This morning I woke up sore all all. My legs, my back, my arms... yeah I'm really out of shape.

Additionally, the nurses and doctors love to press on my freshly wounded belly. I know why they're doing it but again holy crap. I'm still hooked up to my IV, although I did convince them to remove one of them (I had two) and hopefully if my blood levels even out today the other one can come out too. Marcus has been a huge help, I seriously don't know what I would do without him. Everything I do at the moment requires help and it's not glamourous or fun (I think he can vouch for that at 2 am last night when I needed to use the bathroom but couldn't get out of the bed).

The amazing part of course continues to be our babies. I was able to spend several hours with them yesterday and they are so precious. Both Marcus and I were able to hold Eli for the first time since he's doing so well. According to his doctor Eli is showing off a little bit, with how well he's doing. They started feeding him yesterday (through a tube in his nose) he didn't quite grasp the concept of suck, swallow and breathe from a nipple yet it was a bit too advanced for him, but he's been digesting everything they've given him. He has lost a few ounces but that is to be expected of all new babies. He's also sucked on a pacifier a few times which is adorable.

Then there's little Emerson. She's still to unstable to be held, as it would just be too much stimulation for her. She is still on CPAP and she just seems so uncomfortable. Last night when we were visiting she was crying and kicking (it was a tiny precious cry) and it was so hard to not be allowed to try and help her. The best we can do for now is hold her hand, which is hard because she has IV's all over the place. We did however get to see her last night without the CPAP and hat for the first time, when they were checking her vitals and changing her diaper. She had her eyes open, and she has dark hair that has a little curl to it. She is precious. She too has lost weight and is down to 2lbs 15oz, and they haven't tried to feed her yet because she's not ready quite yet.

All in all the babies are doing well for their gestational age. Both Marcus and I are in love with them and we can't wait until we can hold both of them. (I still need to write my birth story before I forget but that will come later)

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Christi said...

I can see why you are in love...Happy Mother's Day!