Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The real thanksgiving post...

I've been avoiding this post because it takes 12 hours to load pictures on blogger these days (is it just me? It takes so long). Anyways, we went to our hometown on Wednesday night (which is now only 168 miles away) and stayed at my in-laws house. Even though they were out of town.

Thursday morning we got up and I prepared my part of the thanksgiving meal. Deviled eggs
Photographic evidence. I don't cook at all, ever. So Marcus was amazed that I even knew how to make deviled eggs and we've been married for over 7 years poor guy. I also brought a salad in a bag. I'm really serious about this no cooking thing. My sister and her husband hosted and her house and we went over shortly after completing the eggs.
The babies had some playing with all their aunts and uncles (Emerson is hiding behind the big bear) I'm holding my nephew Isaac and Marcus is holding our niece Hannah. 

The babies with their Grammy (my mom) trying some new food. 

My sister Lindy and soon to be sister-in-law Kaylee.

Emmy with my youngest sister Abbey

Eli was so excited that he could see his reflection in the tray of this retro high chair. 

The hosts. My sister Libby and brother-in-law Layne

Our table set up with the Cowboys game on in the background 

Me & Eli who looks like he wants to escape desperately. 

Me & Emmy she just looks bored. 

Our little family.

My with my siblings. (We were recreating a picture we have of the 6 of us from when we were much younger I should try to dig it out). My brother Luke is on top of the couch he's the oldest. Then from left to right the youngest Abbey, Lindy on of the twins, me, Libby the other twin and Molly.

All of my siblings our significant others and our kids. We're getting to be ridiculous looking and this is just my very immediate family.

All of us plus my mom thrown in. 

Eli & Emerson with their Uncle Tyler.

Neither baby napped on Thanksgiving so they were beyond exhausted by the end of the day. Friday we mostly stayed at my in-laws so the babies could rest. Then that evening we went to my dads. Which was kind of awkward. My dad left my mom 5 years ago for another woman. He has since married this other woman and I have never met her. I have spent the last 3 years in therapy dealing with the breakage of my family and re-establishing a relationship with my dad. 

Friday night my dads wife was home along with some of her family. Then it was me and 3 of my siblings. The house was totally segregated. Not the best of evenings but my dad was happy to see the babies and we all survived.

Our car broke so it's still in our hometown and we came back on saturday borrowing my FIL's truck. I think that about sums it up. Frankly I think we should of just ordered pizza and called it a day, but all in all not a bad thanksgiving. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Thanksgiving post (kinda)...

We had a pretty okay thanksgiving as far as thanksgiving goes (but honestly I would just rather order a pizza). I'll post more about it later with pictures. I actually tried to write the post yesterday but in the middle of it one of the babies turned off my MIL's computer. So I'll try again later.

While we were away our car broke. We just put a $1000 into it and now it won't go at all. We used my father in law's truck the whole time we were there and ended up having to drive it back home since I have to be at work tomorrow. So this really sucks a lot and our car is sitting in my in-laws garage. We just need a new car but I don't know if that's in the cards at the moment.

Eli is also really sick. It sounds to me like he might have Croup. He's miserable I hope Emmy can avoid catching it.

My computer also stopped working while we were away so I got nothing done for work so I'm stressed out about tomorrow.  Good times around here.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

An exercise in consistency...

So Eli has perfected the art of the tantrum. Oh my word it's ridiculous (although in talking with his EI therapist she said, "It's not a fun milestone but it's a milestone). He screams at the top of his lungs, starts shaking with rage, stamps his feet, and if we're really lucky throws himself on the floor. It's really really delightful*.

When it happens in public it's also pretty awesome* because it really does sound as though we are beating him or something.

(*This is sarcasm)

This morning I was in our master bedroom getting ready for work and Eli & Emerson usually just hang out with me in the bathroom during the mornings. This morning they both really wanted to use their toothbrushes so I told them to sit, and explained that they can only brush their teeth while sitting.

So they both sat down and were happily brushing their teeth for a couple of minutes.

Then they stood up to test the boundaries. I repeated to them, "Sit down please" and they sat.

Then they tried it again this time seeing if they could walk. I reminded them to sit and this time Eli didn't so I took away his toothbrush and the above describe tantrum ensued.

So repeat process. I tell him to sit, he does, he's happy with his toothbrush, then he tests the boundaries, toothbrush is removed, tantrum ensues.

Oh my lord. The whole process was exhausting and so many times I just wanted to give him back his toothbrush so he would be quiet, but I held strong. (Even when Eli went to find his dad to "tell" on me haha).

By the end of the morning they both seemed to fully grasp that they only got to brush their teeth while sitting, and if they stood I took it away.

We'll see if they remember tomorrow.

(And I say they because even though Emmy doesn't really throw tantrums yet she copies every single thing Eli does. So when he stood, so did she, when he tried to leave the room so did she, she just didn't get nearly as upset when I took the brush away. She simply sat down so she could have it back).

This parenting thing is exhausting. And it just keeps being exhausting in different ways as they get older.

Snow!! (And some catch up)...

Yesterday, we finally got some snow. I say finally because they've been reporting a storm for the last 5 days and nothing happened. Overall it wasn't too bad, just cold and windy with several inches of snow.

We bought the babies some snow boots and brought them outside to see what they thought of the snow. The results..

Emerson was not impressed.

And Eli loved it. 

Emerson was pretty cranky with us the whole time she was out there (which was 2 minutes tops)

Eli continued to be fascinated by everything.

And then tried to talk and fell face first into the snow. But even that didn't deter him. He still loved it. 

Thankful catch up (I really suck at this)

1.) I'm thankful for hugs and love from Eli & Emerson. They both give hugs and kisses freely and I love it. Every morning when I'm blow drying my hair Emerson runs up to me and hugs me around both my legs and Eli regularly just finds both me and Marcus and gives us hugs.

2.) I'm thankful for books. I love them, they make me happy and I love that both Eli & Emerson love books. I hope that love continues.

3.) I'm thankful that after tomorrow I can be done with this thankfulness exercise (is that cheating? yes probably oh well).

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm bad at this...

whole thankful thing. Which is why I suppose it's a good exercise to engage in. It's way easier to talk about the things that are stressing me out or annoying me, but I'm trying really hope to, "Eliminate the negative accentuate the positive" (bonus points if you know what movie that line is from).

This last week was full of appointments. We had a different appoint for the babies every day. Monday EI, Tuesday Speech, Wednesday EI, Thursday 18 month check-up, Friday OT for Eli. It's tiring. Eli has a really strong aversion to having his hands dirty. He doesn't like things on his hands and he freaks out if we don't immediately wash things off. So they have encouraged us to do some "dirty" play.

So tonight I got out some brown paint and I thought we would make some turkey handprints. Emerson loved this. Once she figured out what we were doing she kept dipping her hand in the paint and then stamping the paper over and over.

Eli was okay for about 10 seconds and then he started whining for the paint to come off. The handprint turkeys are not too recognizable as hands but it was a hilarious chaotic mess.

So that's what I'm thankful for today hilarious chaotic messes.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I keep waiting...

for the moment when going out in public with twins doesn't invite questions, stares, and commentary. I sort of understood when they were babies (kind of) but they're 18 months old and they're not identical I honestly don't get the excitement about the whole thing.

Eli & Emerson had their 18 month appointment today with the new doctor. Good news: we like the doctor (and so does Emmy, she's terrified of all things related to doctors) Bad news: we waited over two hours to be seen in an incredibly crowded waiting room, where we were the main attraction.

For about 30 minutes two women, a grandma, and two kids sat across from us and kept a running commentary of everything we did. "oh look now they're eating strawberries. The boy threw the book across the room, the little girl is coloring, oh look she's giggling what a cute giggle." It was so incredibly weird, not to mention we could hear them as they were doing this.

Then another guy with a kid asked if they were twins, and then for the rest of the wait he watched every single thing they did. So incredibly bizarre. The babies did mostly okay with the wait, especially considering they missed their naps. The hardest part is when we were trying to fill out the paperwork while keeping them close at hand.

The stats: they're exactly the same size they both weigh 22lbs 4oz and they are both 30in tall (although I don't think the way they weighed and measured them was entirely accurate). They had all their clothes on, standing on an adult scale and had them try and stand against the wall to get their height.

An okay visit just took way way to long.


In cute baby news. Eli waves to every fallen leaf he sees. He seems to think that because the wind moves them around they're alive so he gets very excited by them. He also might have licked the sidewalk today but I'm trying to forget that ever actually happened.


In thankful news. I'm thankful tomorrow is friday. Lame I know but I'm exhausted. (Oh and I'll also be thankful for Harry Potter I'm super excited to see the new movie. I've been re-reading all the books this week in preparation).

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Prematurity Awareness Day 2010

November 17th is prematurity awareness day.

Did you know that 1 in 8 pregnancies result in premature birth?

That prematurity is the number one cause of death in newborn babies?

That one of the primary causes of premature birth is lack of access to health insurance and health care.

The March of Dimes did a study to determine the grade for each individual state for addressing concerns which can increase premature births. They also graded the United States as a whole. The three areas they looked at were:

1.) Uninsured women
2.) Smoking while pregnant
3.) Late preterm births (34-36 weeks) due to increased inductions and C-sections.

The state I currently live in scored an F for the above factors. 24% of pregnant women in my state are uninsured or lack access to health care.

I know that supposedly pregnant women always qualify for medicaid but after recently wading the medicaid waters for coverage for Eli & Emerson there are clearly lots of flaws in the system. It took me two months of persistent phone calls, paper work, documents etc. to get Eli & Emerson coverage.

It was impossible to get anyone on the phone to answer questions and then after approval finding a doctor to actually see the babies was nearly impossible, and I have several advantages going for me in navigating the system, that many others don't.

Health care is an issue and it prevents women from proper care during pregnancies where issues can be addressed to help combat prematurity.

I will always be grateful that I had such amazing health care and health insurance during my pregnancy. I had access to a top university hospital and all the doctors that went with it. I had proactive doctors that saw me weekly, monitored me, admitted me to the hospital at the first sign of trouble and I truly believe that's why after my positive fFN at 27 weeks I made it to 32 weeks before delivering the babies. Those extra five weeks were priceless to the overall health of Eli & Emerson.

So today I'm grateful that I had access to healthcare, and I hope that one day affordable health coverage and health care will be a basic right for everybody. Clearly there needs to be some kind of reform.

I am so grateful that my preemies are doing so well today.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

18 Months (about a week late)...

Want to see how big my babies are?
Emmy was saying "hi" to a dog figurine that we have sitting on a bookshelf

Emerson at 18 months:
*She's on a fruit eating kick. It's all she wants to eat
*She can sign more, all done, please, and thank you. However, she's incredibly stubborn and if she thinks we already knows what she wants she refuses to do the signs.
*She still just says "hi" although occasionally it does sound like she's trying to say "thank you" and "more" 
*She has two molars in addition to the 8 other teeth she already had
*She would run around naked all the time if we let her
*She's still a mama's girl
*She's a cuddle bug and often just walks up to me and Marcus and lays her head on our legs or shoulders
*She loves books
*She makes car noises when she drives her cars
*She knows where her nose, belly button and ears are
*She still can't drink from a sippy cup. But she likes to carry it around and tip it all the way back
*She loves music and constantly wants her music playing.
*She also loves to dance and will now dance on command
*She likes her socks on and brings them to us and then sits so we can put them on.
*She still adores all animals and stuffed animals. Piggy is still her favorite 
*she hates brushing her teeth and having her hair done
*She loves to dress up and brings her ladybug costume over to us so she can put it on
*She likes to do her "work" with her EI therapist. As soon as she comes in the house Emerson walks over and sits down so she can start
*She loves coloring

Eli & Emerson
18 Months

I love this picture because Eli is being Eli. He's so crazy these days. He actually gets hyper it's hilarious.

Eli at 18 months

*Still only has 6 teeth. 4 on top 2 on the bottom
* Can FINALLY eat food. Yay! He's now making up for lost time by shoving everything in his mouth. He loves to eat.
*Still hasn't mastered the sippy cup.
*Can sign more, please, thank you, and all done. If he hears these words he just does the sign
*Says "hi" and "dada"
*Dances on his blanket
*Never stops moving
*Screams really loud
*Is an expert at throwing tantrums. Oh my this is not good
*Loves, loves, shoes. All shoes his, my, Marcus, the lady next to us at the store
*Loves wearing hats, bonnets, and costumes 
*Gets hyper and does crazy things. It's hard to even describe but it's funny
*Loves to cuddle with his daddy
* Likes to dance to anything with a rhythm
*Carries his blanket everywhere, and always brings Emerson her blanket
*Steals Emerson's piggy, and now hides it behind his back
*Likes to walk backwards very slowly
*Climbs on everything (Including his train table)
*Smiles all the time
*Runs every where
*Beats his chest and says "ah, ah, aha" like Tarzan

I think that's the main gist of what they're up too these days. They're hilarious and keep us on the move and laughing. 

Today's thankful post is easy...

I'm so thankful we found a different doctor to see the babies. After our last experience with Dr. Wack-a-doodle neither of us wanted to subject the babies to him again, and we resumed the frustrating experience of calling every doctor in the city.

It only took about 3,000 phone calls (okay actually only 30) but we found a doctor at the University family clinic (reputable) and they were very friendly on the phone, even after some more insurance drama (which thankfully was resolved after 45 min. on hold.

The babies go for their 18 month check-up on thursday hopefully we like the doctors. I just know they can't possibly be worse than the last guy.

So I'm thankful that we found someone else who's willing to see the babies.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Always behind...

This weekend was exhausting youth lock-in on friday which = no sleep. Saturday is mostly a blurry haze and then sunday was the youth service and some other youth related activities. So I've spent a great deal of my free time trying to nap. I feel like I'm coming down with something which is probably a result of the lack of sleep but I'm hanging in there. Busy is just part for the course this time of year.

So back to my thankfulness project I need to catch up. So yesterday (Sunday) I was thankful for good friends. Yesterday I had two great conversations with friends. One with a friend from graduate school and then a 2.5 hour long conversation with a friend from undergraduate. We haven't seen each other in years and it was great to catch up with one another.

There's just something about good conversations with friends that leave me feeling energized and happy. I really do miss my friends a great deal now that we've moved and so look forward to their emails and phone calls.

Today I'm thankful for books. Again random I know but books have been a source of joy for me my entire life. Everything about them makes me happy and I am so grateful and thankful that I have access and the ability to read books and read them quickly.

I'm currently re-reading all the Harry Potter books in anticipation for the movie and when other things suck it's nice to dive into a different reality inside of a book.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

This is beautiful...

this blog post here is one of the most beautiful things I've ever read. A reminder to be gentle with one another because we don't always know what's going on. I have been guilty of not always being gentle with those around me. For getting frustrated and angry and annoyed because I didn't understand why someone was acting they way they were (mostly my family).

And in return I have also been on the receiving end of some very painful comments and experiences all because people didn't know what my invisible signs around my neck said.

So today I am grateful for that blog post. A reminder that moved me to tears and made me want to share it with anyone and everyone.

What would your signs say? I can think of several for myself and imagine that those around me have just as many hidden battles, struggles, and journeys.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Today I'm thankful for GLEE because when I'm feeling like I did yesterday watching GLEE and listening to their version of One Love makes me happy.

It makes me even happier to see the babies dancing to One Love.

Youth Lock-in tonight, no sleep for me but I hope they will all remain calm.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm cheating on this one...

This whole thankful project has been incredibly difficult. Everyday I could post a multitude of things that I'm currently frustrated with. You know things like our health care situation. We still can't find a doctor that isn't a whack job to see the babies. How is this legal? I don't understand I'm so angry and frustrated by that whole situation.

And then there are a lot of little frustrations with my job. I love it, but I'm constantly being asked to do things outside of my job description. Which is great because they believe I am capable of doing so, but I also feel like I'm being taken advantage of a little bit. I work a lot for very little compensation. It's a double edge sword because I can't very well say no to the things requested of me, since they're things I will eventually be doing anyways (God willing), but at the same time I need some balance. This last week has been incredibly busy with new responsibilities and meetings tacked on each day and no help.

Then there's the fact that Marcus still hasn't been able to find work. Again a double edge sword. I love that he can be with the babies but we could also use some more income.

Which speaking of more income I was suppose to start tutoring a month ago but I'm still waiting for clearance. I have no idea what the hold up is. I called yesterday they were zero help.

Then I got some really crappy news about the future prospect of my career path. I can't really be more specific but I'm so angry and upset. (Really just trying not to cry or scream or something).

So all this to say that I'm thankful I'm doing the thankfulness project so I don't get consumed with all the things that are frustrating me (see I told you I was cheating. A vent post with a little blip of thankfulness).


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today I am thankful for...#7

Small victories! Today I drove, in the snow, by myself and for me this is a victory. Three years ago I started therapy to start working on severe anxiety. At one of my first sessions my doctor asked me to make a list of things that caused me anxiety and rate them on a scale of 1-10. The 10 on my list was driving. The thought that I could ever drive in a city was inconceivable to me.

Over the years I began to take on that list doing small exposure therapy along with talk therapy at my weekly sessions. My first attempts at driving while still living in Connecticut were not altogether successful, but slowly progress was made and I was able to drive down the street.

So this morning when I woke up at 5:45 to get ready for my 6:45AM doctor appointment (an insane hour for an appointment) I was determined to do it on my own. I didn't want Marcus to have to drag the babies out of the house in the cold so early in the morning (although he was willing bless him).

So before I could talk myself out of it I got in the car and started driving across the city. My biggest mistake was choosing a route that took me higher into the mountains. As I climbed higher the snow came down harder and clung to the road. I was terrified and shaking but I got myself to the doctor and back home again.

Victory! I am so grateful for making the decision to start therapy I feel like an entirely different person today than three years ago when my anxiety consumed every aspect of my life. I only wish I sought treatment sooner.


As a side note the doctor I saw today was my new GI to talk about my Crohns. I wasn't satisfied with the care I received from my GI in Connecticut but I really like this new doctor. What they're going to do now is an endoscopy. Basically I swallow a pill that contains a camera and then wear a transmitter on my belt. As the pill travels through my small intestine it will take pictures so they can get a look. Isn't science amazing? I hope they let me see some of the pictures (is that weird) but I find the whole process kind of fascinating. I'm also just grateful that we're not doing a repeat colonoscopy at the moment. Good lord the prep for that was a miserable experience.

I also discovered that I'm an idiot. When I was diagnosed in May I was prescribed a medication. Since then I've read the bottle to take 1 pill 3 times a day. When I mentioned this to the doctor today he said that didn't seem like anything and immediately upped my dose.

So I can home today and re-read the bottle. Turns out for the last 5 months I should have been taking 3 pills 3 times a day. So instead of 3 pills I should have been taking 9. No wonder my symptoms haven't gone away. Me = huge idiot.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today I am thankful for...#6

Eli and Emerson's grandparents. Growing up I was close to the grandparents on my moms side but didn't really know much about my dads. I always hoped that my kids would have better relationships with all their grandparents and so far my wish has come true.

Eli & Emerson love my in-laws. Eli is best buddies with his Granddad and from the minute he sees him he just wants to be held or be near him. Emerson also loves her granddad but has a special affection for her Gram. I think part of this for Emerson is when she flew across the country with Marcus' parents while we drove the moving truck. 

And Eli became friends with his Granddad this summer because his granddad always took him outside when he came home from work. My mom is also really great with kids and I know she has a lot of love for her grand-babies. 

I'm so grateful that I don't have any reservations about any of them watching or spending time with Eli & Emerson. The relationship with grandparents is such a special gift. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Today I am thankful for...#5

laughter. Eli & Emerson are 18 months old (as of today) and they bring so much joy and laughter. They each have unique personalities and they are constantly cracking me up. I also have Marcus who in his own quiet way is hilarious. An example:

When Eli & Emerson wake up the first thing they do is check on the other and say hi. Eli woke up from his nap first so we brought him downstairs and he was so concerned about Emerson. He kept going to the stairs and pointing up. Nothing we could do distracted him from the fact that his sister wasn't with him.

When Emmy finally woke up Marcus walked down the stairs with her and started singing, "Reunited and it feels so good." It's possible that you may have need to be there but it was hysterical. Our house if filled with laughter these days and it's such a welcome change from the previous (PPD filled year).

I am so very thankful for the gift of laughter. Eli, Emerson, and Marcus life is never boring with the three of them.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Today I am thankful... #4

Hot baths. I know that may seem kind of stupid but I have fibromyalgia and suffer from almost constant pain, especially when the weather gets cold. I couldn't survive without my nightly hot baths which offer me some relief. So since today is cold and I've already taken two hot baths for pain I'm grateful for my bathtub and my hot water. I also mindful that these are luxuries that many do not have. Oddly enough this gratefulness for baths reminded me of my trip to Zimbabwe in 2005.

I spent two weeks building a foundation to a house, working on a farm, and spending time at an orphanage in Zimbabwe at Africa University. The university did have showers but the water often didn't work at all. So much of my time was spent really dirty. One day I worked on a farm helping to spread chicken manure on onions. I desperately wanted/needed a shower since I was literally covered in manure from chickens (which is way worse in my opinion than cow manure). Much to my dismay the water didn't work that evening and I did the best I could washing with what was left in my water bottle.

After our two weeks at Africa University we took a few days of holiday to Victoria Falls and stayed in a 5 star resort. A place where basically no resident of Zimbabwe could actually afford to stay. It felt incredibly wrong to enjoy such luxuries after spending time with orphans who didn't even have the basic necessities.

At the 5 star resort was a huge bathtub and hot hot water. Something I had been without for two weeks. The bathtub for me in that moment represented so much to privilege. By virtue of the fact that I was born in the United States to middle class parents I knew the joy of hot baths, while there are millions in our own country and around the world who lack even the most basic of needs.

Zimbabwe taught me that being grateful for hot baths is no small thing.

Eli & Emerson love to play in the bathtub in our master bathroom while I get ready for work. It works out well. I can do my hair, brush my teeth etc. And they're content to just hang out. 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Today I am thankful...#2 Marcus & #3 My job...

I'm off to a really poor start on this whole thankful thing. I didn't get around to it yesterday. I often post from work at I had a ton of meetings yesterday and after I got home I didn't feel like being on the computer, but I'm back.  So yesterday I was thankful for Marcus my house husband and in this context I'm grateful that he's an awesome dad and actually I'm thankful for him everyday.

I know he feels bad that he hasn't been able to find work especially after all the work he put into getting his degree. On the other hand I love that he's able to be home with the babies. He's so great at it and in our ideal world this was always our hope. That I would work and he would stay home.

Things are tight money wise, because I'm not making much, but we're surviving just fine. I love knowing that the babies are with him, someone I trust. I love how good he is with the babies and that he loves staying home with them.

I always knew, my entire life, that I wasn't cut out to be a stay at home mom. I'm just not. It's not my gift or my calling and Marcus enjoys it. Now if I could just get a raise it would be even more perfect.

Today I'm thankful for my job. Although I'm not quite working in the exact field I went to school for I'm working in the same context and much of job overlaps. I am so very thankful that I love what I'm doing. I was nervous that I would get through grad. school graduate and then find out I really should have gone to law school (although I would still like to go).

I love knowing that I answered my calling and it' a good fit. I love getting to know my congregation and all their quirks, and I love that this is a congregation that allows and encourages me to push them on social justice issues.

Exciting things have been happening lately (that I can't really talk much about) and I'm so excited for what could come in the next 6 months.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Funny stuff...

After father's day was over this year I found a shirt that said, "Worlds greatest dad" on it. Since it only cost $1 I thought it would be a hysterical 'fun' present for Marcus and brought it home to him. He laughed and gave me a look like, "you don't really want me to wear this do you?" Since June it's been a shirt that he wears around the house occasionally, but he never leaves the house with it on. It's just not his style (which I'm grateful for).

Today after I came home from work he left to go get some diapers since we were down to one (and we only have one car). So without thinking he got in the car and left.

About 10 minutes after he left he sends me a text, "How embarrassing I'm wearing my worlds greatest dad t-shirt."

A few minutes after that another text: "And now someone just said Congrats on being the worlds greatest dad."

hahahahah I laughed hysterically. The first time he actually wears the shirt in public someone comments on it. Awesome and it just confirmed his worst fears about the shirt.

Today I'm thankful for the end of the election ...#1

Last november in the days leading up to Thanksgiving I did a series of thankful posts and I wanted to do it again. I wanted to start on November 1st but I just didn't get my act together so I'm starting today November 4th and will do a post each day for the next three weeks leading to thanksgiving. So #1...

I don't mind election season generally speaking, I actually enjoy many aspects of it and I love voting. But I have to say the constant advertisements and bashing etc gets old, our election seasons are so long in this country. In not too long the presidential campaigning will start eek. So today I'm thankful that the elections are over and while as a whole the elections didn't go as I would have liked I'm happy that the senator I wanted to win for our state did.

*Warning this next section is going to show my bias as a left leaning liberal.*

I watched the concession speech by Sharron Angle today, and I'm just going to say it, she scares the crap out of me. She's insane, really she is. Some of her campaign stuff is just nonsensical and frightening. Her concession speech was kind of nutty but one part that made me laugh was when she mentioned that she had inspired Democrats and independents to vote. I'm not totally sure what she meant, or if she thought that was a good thing, but she sure did inspire this Democrat to vote and campaign... against her. (I found out on tuesday that she's a cousin of one of my youth interesting connections...)

Anyway random tangent there but I was amused.

Politics are exhausting, the constant back and forth. The insults throw from each side and while I like it too a point it's always a relief when it passes.

As another random note I love this article from Slate here. It sums up my feelings about our current president. I trust that he's doing the best he can, and I honestly never expected miracles considering the mess he walked into.

So maybe a less than profound thing to be grateful for, but I am nonetheless.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Then & Now AKA the last halloween related post...

October is a month for photo ops. with the pumpkin patches, pumpkin carving, dressing up etc. So I promise this is the last halloween related post for this season. I was just going to link to the pictures we did last year when we stuck our babies in pumpkins but when I went searching for the post I realized there wasn't one. So I thought this was a perfect opportunity to do a then and now post.

Eli in a pumpkin 2009

Eli in a pumpkin 2010

Emerson 2009

Emerson 2010

Marcus 2009

Marcus 2010

And then after the babies saw Marcus put the pumpkin on his head they both went "eh eh" pointed and signed "more". Which was there way of asking for the pumpkin to go on their heads. So here's El in the Pumpkin

And Emerson in the pumpkin.

And finally the actual carving of the pumpkins.
Eli has an aversion to getting things on his hands and getting messy (For example he wouldn't touch  lasagna he wanted Marcus to feed it to him. And if he gets anything on his hands he comes over to us and goes "eh, eh" until we get it off) So he just looked inside he had no desire to touch. 

Emerson (and new piggy) had a little touch but overall she wasn't very impressed.

Then Marcus and I carved the pumpkins.

And this now concludes all halloween related posts for the year.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween has come and gone...

and I'm glad we can move onto more exciting holidays. (I'm not a huge fan of Halloween it stems from some deep rooted fears as a child which took all the fun out the day for me). Of course it's also Nevada Day and Reformation Day so October 31st isn't all bad.

We decided, last minute, that it would be fun for our parents to see the babies dressed up for Halloween. So after church on Sunday we drove the 160 miles to our hometown. It was fun because we totally surprised my mom.

My mom with the babies (Emerson is still working on some of her social anxiety) but when my mom answered the door the Emerson ran into her arms and gave her hug.

This was the best picture I could get of the two of them together. (They're so impossible these days running everywhere). Eli was Peter Pan and I was really happy with how his costume turned out. Emerson was tinkerbell and I struggled with hers, it worked I suppose but it could have been much much better.

Eli was ready to go. We only ended up taking them to about 4 houses because they just don't quite grasp the concept yet, but Eli was funny. Every time someone put candy in his bucket he just stared at it and smiled like he was trying to figure out why people kept giving him things. 

Marcus & Eli holding his sucker. 

Me and Emmy

The babies with their Granddad

Eli & Emerson with their cousins on my side of the family.

We had a good time even though it was a quick trip. We left early this morning since I had a meeting at work today.