Thursday, May 7, 2009

32 Weeks!!

When we were first admitted to the hospital 5 weeks ago, Marcus and I kept hoping that we would make it at least another 5 weeks and at that time it seemed so impossible, yet here we are! As hard as the bedrest and the hospital are I know that every day/week we can give these babies is beneficial and worth any amount of my own discomfort.

Not a whole lot more to update other than I spoke with the high risk doctor yesterday about the growth scan. She had a graph with her that showed the growth of the babies up until this point. The good news is they both continue to grow at the same rate. However, the babies are starting to fall behind where the doctors would ideally like them to be. Overall not a huge deal. She instructed me to remain pregnant and they'll repeat the growth scan in two weeks. I'm not really concerned at this point. I'm doing what I can do. The babies are gaining and at this point there's really no reason to worry.

I also gained this week finally (after a month of not gaining) I'm up four pounds from the last weigh in, for a total gain of 32lbs for the pregnancy. So I'm still avg. a pound a week.

Finally, 32 week belly pics. You'll notice I don't have the hospital gown on today. I had Marcus bring me some t-shirt (all belong to him because I can no longer fit in even my biggest t-shirts) and I'm way more comfortable this way, although I won't be winning any fashion shows anytime soon, I look like I'm wearing my high school gym clothes, oh well. I can't wait to not live in a bed and can wear normal clothes again.


Christi said...

Good for you...reading your blog has given me hope...I can do this. Thanks for comiserating with me. Hope you keep those sweet babies in there...and get your food. How can you gain weight if they aren't feeding you!

~Jess said...

WOOHOO FOR 32 WEEKS!!!!!! Every Thursday I wake and praise God that you've made it another week!

areyoukiddingme said...

Keep up the good work!

May said...

Hey!! Spectacular! You look great. Are those babies leaving your lungs any space?!?

I started wearing my husband's t-shirts, too. With boxers. It was a fabulous look, I think.