Sunday, May 17, 2009

Quick Update

Both babies are on breast milk with a supplement to add calories in an effort to fatten them up and give them nutrients. Emerson is still getting 27cc and in big news she took 5 cc from a bottle last night at 5, and again later in the evening. So they're going to keep introducing a few cc's by bottle everyday. She also weighs 3lbs 2oz now, almost back up to her birth weight. She's still looking a little yellow so they're going to check her bili levels again to see if she needs to go back under her lights, but she's doing really great and continues to maintain the title of 'feisty' from all the nurses.

Eli, is also doing well. He gained another oz, so he's 3lbs 15oz now, but he still is not having anything to do with a bottle. The sucking. swallowing, breathing combo is just still too much for him. This is how Marcus and I found him yesterday, all sprawled out in his isolette. He's a pretty low key baby and he sleeps with his mouth open which cracks us up.

The past two nights Eli and Emerson have had a night nurse that Marcus and I do not like at all. Which is really strange because all of the NICU nurses up until this point have been amazing. For some reason this nurse just rubs us the wrong way. She's a little possessive of our babies, won't let us help with anything because in her words "you'll have plenty of diapers to change." not the point. These are our babies and our time with them is already so limited, and she treats us like we're idiots which I really don't appreciate. Yesterday when Eli was swaddled she turned and said, "You do know that when you get them home no blankets in the crib." Yes, I know that, but I'm pretty sure swaddling is okay, especially when they're still tiny.

The other annoying thing she does is when we're sitting there rocking them, she'll come get in their faces and starting talking to them in a really obnoxious voice, I'm of the mindset that when we're there rocking our babies she should really just let us be unless we have a specific issues or concern. She's just really irritating and I hate that she's responsible for my babies.


Stacie said...

Yeah for the bottle! Way to go!

I have 28 weekers, and we spent aprox. 100 days each in the NICU before my boys came home. We loved most of our nurses, but there were a few who rubbed us the wrong way, too. Please know that you can talk to the charge nurse and request to not work with that nurse any longer. We didn't do that in the beginning thinking that it would get better, but it didn't until we finally put in the request.

They are your babies, and you should not feel like you can't do the basic things like changing their diapers when they need done!

Hugs. I know exactly how hard the NICU life is. You are doing wonderfully!

Queenie. . . said...

I'm sorry about the irritating nurse, but so excited for you that everything else is going so well. Growing babies, good ultrasound, upgrade in breathing status--all amazing and terrific news!!! They are going to be home before you know it. You guys are doing terrific.

~Jess said...

What a doofus that nurse sounds like; I'd be biting my tongue. I'm so glad that they are doing well and that emerson is improving so quickly. Eli is absolutely precious in that picture...just such a little person, doing something so simple. We're so glad they're doing well.