Monday, May 25, 2009

First Baths

On Saturday Emerson's nurse decided we should learn how to give the babies baths. This nurse was so excited at the prospect since apparently bathing the babies is one of her favorite things. Emerson did really well with her bath, she pretty much just sat there, her eyes open looking around. No crying involved at all from her and she looked so tiny in the bucket. We mostly just watched the nurse give Emerson a bath so we could learn.

Then it was Eli's turn for a bath and I attempted this one on my own (mostly) and he hated the water so much. He was doing okay laying under the heat lamp but as soon as we put him in the water he started screaming and kicking. At one point he locked both of his legs in an effort to resist touching the water. He was throwing such a fit that we don't have any pictures of him in the bucket. It was also a little bit of a challenge to hold onto a wet, slippery, screaming baby. As soon as he was out of the water he fine and immediately stopped crying. The after shots, he was clean and happy as long as we were no longer trying to put him in the water.

I also attempted to feed Emerson her bottle for the first time on Saturday. She's only getting one bottle in a 24 hour period because it's still so much work for her. She did pretty well but didn't finish her entire feeding and she was so exhausted she pretty much just passed out and the rest was given through her feeding tube.

I also tried to give Eli his bottle but he too was tired and didn't take any of it from me. Maybe next time. They both continue to put on weight Eli weighed 4lbs 9oz and Emerson weighed 3lbs 8oz.

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