Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lots of exciting progress!

First, the nurse issue resolved itself because Eli and Emerson were moved to room 1! No more horrible nurse and we even managed to avoid any confrontation about it.

Eli is also testing out life in a crib instead of his isolette. They're experimenting to see if he's able to maintain his body temperature on his own and they'll re-evaluate after 24 hours to see how he's doing.

He also took a bottle today for the first time out of no where. He's had no interest in it at all and then suddenly today he took an entire feeding from the bottle. Marcus was able to try with his second feeding and he didn't do quite as well, only taking 10cc, but it's progress. Marcus was a little nervous feeding Eli but the nurse we had today was really great and patient talking us through things, and Marcus changed, fed, and burped Eli without a problem. Marcus seems to think Eli's sudden progress is in part due to the kangaroo care from yesterday haha could be I suppose.

Emerson is now off the lights again and so she and I were able to try out kangroo care. She's so sweet and just snuggled in. The only nerve racking part was her breathing often dropped low enough to sound the alarm. I think she was too comfortable and just forgot that she needed to breath. She also lost an oz again today so she's still at 3lbs 3oz but her feedings were increased to 30cc so hopefully she'll go in the other direction tomorrow.

(Ignore my shirt. I don't own any button up shirts so I had to borrow one from Marcus).

It was another good visit with the babies and we're excited and so thankful for their continued progress.


Cassandra said...

Glad they've moved up to Room 1 (and away from her)!

A possible tip about a kangaroo-compatible shirt: my friend who had twins in the NICU used a zip-up hoodie, since she didn't have maternity button shirts and none of her non-maternity shirts fit her of course. In case you have any hoodies that would fit you lying around...

Continued best wishes!

Queenie. . . said...

Yay!!! SO glad to hear more good news from you guys. I hope today was fabulous, as well.