Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Quick thoughts...

Weights yesterday: 4lbs 12oz & 3lbs 9oz
Weights today: 4lbs 13oz & 3lbs 10oz

New development-They are starting to lower Emerson's temperature in her isolette. The hope is that she'll be able to maintain her own temp, and can move into a crib.

Feedings-Both are taking bottles (Occasionally). Eli gets a bottle every other feeding and Emerson gets one or two a day. I fed both yesterday and Marcus got over his blue baby fear and fed Eli today.

One way to inquire about IF treatment- I guess a nicer way to inquire whether someone's twins are the result of IF treatment is to ask, "Did you try for a long time or did it just happen this way?" When I responded we tried for a long time, she said, "Then this is extra special isn't is" This is honestly the first time 'that' question hasn't bothered me too much.

Judgment of the day- (I apologize in advance) I don't understand why people continue to smoke with babies in the NICU. There's a couple in our NICU who come in smelling like smoke every day. It's awful and makes the entire room smell. It seems like having a baby in the NICU would be motivation to quit (but what do I know?)

Kangaroo care- Did some more of that yesterday. I had Eli and Marcus held Emerson.

Mail- We received the babies social security cards today... they were much more efficient than I expected and their birth certificates are ready to be picked up.

And we were able to take a much better family picture.

Bed time... (so I can get up in a few hours to pump).

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