Friday, August 12, 2011

Piggy gets a tail & doctor visit...

I don't think I've formally introduced you all to piggy. Last year Emmy had a piggy that she loved, but that piggy was lost never to be found. Despite our best efforts in finding an exact replica of that lost piggy we just couldn't find one and poor Emmy was devastated.

So I posted a picture and an ad on etsy and asked someone to make my sweet girl a new pig, and Emmy and piggy 2.0 have been BFFs ever since.

Emmy's favorite part of the piggy is the tail and so it didn't take long for the tail to come all of the way off (and totally uncurled). I'd been meaning to reattach the tail for quite some time when I noticed yesterday that piggy had its tail back. The only thing is it was totally off center. I laughed hysterically at piggy's lopsided tail, Emmy was delighted and Marcus just shrugged his shoulders, "I couldn't get it in the middle."

I asked Emmy if we could take piggy's picture and she was more than happy to comply.
Emmy & piggy

I asked Emmy to show me the tail, so she did. 

A better view of piggy's totally off-center tail haha. 

For the past few weeks we've noticed that Emmy's left eye turns in and stays there. So now that we've finally gotten their insurance situation worked out we called around and made an appointment with a pediatrician so we could get a referral. 

*sigh* it did not go well. First we waited about 1.5 hours and then when we were finally seen the doctor pretty much called me a liar. In the 3 minutes she spent with Emerson, her eye didn't cross, therefore according to the doctor perhaps there's nothing wrong with her eye.

I suppose that's one option. Because dragging my child into a doctor for over an hour is such a fun use of my time. Or... and perhaps the more likely option is that her eye doesn't turn in on demand. It's worse when she wakes up and she's tired. Staring and shining a light into her eye's for three minutes is probably not an accurate representation of what we see since we spend 24 hours with her every day.

I was incredibly annoyed with the doctor and we'll keep searching and exploring our options for a pediatrician. I don't appreciate essentially being told that I'm a liar. We did ultimately get a recommendation, hopefully it doesn't take too long to get in, her eye is getting worse each day. Crossing for a more prolonged period of time. 

Notice her left eye turned in. Poor girl. 

Anyone out there deal with this at all? What did the doctor's do to help correct it? 


~Jess said...

What is it with doctors?! You guys seem to get the luck of the draw when it comes to the worst ones. I think having the picture might help though. I honestly don't know what they would do...perhaps a patch over the opposite eye to strengthen the left.

As to Piggy...her off-center tail is very cute: Good job Marcus. I would run elastic through the tail maybe to make it curl.

sadie607 said...

Jess I attribute our luck with doctors with our crappy health insurance situation. Most of the recommended doctors won't take it. It really sucks.