Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Things that make me unhappy...

As you can tell from the title of this post today isn't a whole lot better than yesterday, so to continue being a downer I'm going to list the things that are currently making me unhappy.

1. Crohn's disease. I'm in so much pain today. I can't function or do anything. Right about now I would be willing for the doctors to just remove my intestines if that would make the pain go away (I'm pretty sure it would just cause more pain but right now this is the point I'm at).

2. The lack of decent health insurance. My health insurance sucks a lot, plus it doesn't kick in until September 1st. So I have no medication for my crohn's and at the moment I don't have $750 to pay for it. Even when my insurance kicks in soon that won't make much of a difference. Stupid stupid health insurance companies. They're a joke and a rip off. My premium is massive for no coverage perfect system.

3. The economy. Marcus needs a job and it just so happens that we moved to the county in CA with the highest unemployment rate. Yay us.

4. The mess that is my house on a regular basis. Why do two year olds insist on dragging everything out of their play room? It's impossible to keep this place picked up and clean.

5. This directly ties in with point #1 but I'm so tired of feeling awful all the time. I just want energy and a day with no pain. That shouldn't be so much to ask. I feel like an old lady at age 26 it's pathetic.

I think I'll stop there. Here's hoping tomorrow will be better.

ETA: On the upside. Emmy just came and gave my tummy a kiss to make it better and then brought me a blanket. Such a sweet girl.

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foxy said...

I hear you on the health insurance! What a disaster. I actually had to leave the small business that I'd started in order to get a job that offered a group insurance plan. I have another friend who had serious medical issues who actually married a woman in order to get on her health plan. I am so hopeful that things will start to change in 2014 when reform kicks in.

I also hear you on the unemployment front - it has been an awful few years for the construction industry. It feels like we are turning a corner, but still, nothing is certain for my husband right now either.

take care, as best as you can! -foxy