Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lost: Piggy...

Today a terrible thing happened Emerson's beloved "Piggy" (her security object) was lost. We have searched the place where we think it was left on two separate occasions we have scoured the internet and this particular pig can no longer be purchased. So now our only hope is that someone, somewhere has this particular stuffed pig from The Children's Place and would be willing to send it to our broken hearted little girl. (we would of course pay shipping etc.)

So here is my plea, does anybody have this pig?
It's not very big and it's from The Children's place. On the belly of the pig the word "Place" is embroidered. 

Poor sad missing "piggy" Marcus feels awful. Hopefully we can find a replacement soon. 

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Carlita said...

Oh I'm so sorry she's lost. If we had one I'd send it right away but unfortunately we don't. Around here it's "moo" the cow that is irreplaceable.