Thursday, August 25, 2011

A much better day...

--Today was much better than the other day when I was feeling sorry for myself. Physically, today for the first time in almost a week my crohn's pain has subsided a great deal so that in itself transforms my outlook on things. Being in physical pain constantly is one of the most frustrating things in the world.

--The no bottle thing is going okay. We did really well yesterday without a bottle and they both went to bed as usual without too much fuss. Then around 11:30 they both woke up crying for a bottle. *sigh* So we ended up giving them some water in a bottle. Which is the best but they were hysterical.

We didn't give them any bottles today and hopefully they won't wake up tonight.

--Marcus has a job interview at a rehabilitation place on Monday. We're really hoping something comes of this!

--It's been really hot here these last few days. So the other day Marcus and I had a water fight with Eli & Emmy outside. It was mostly Marcus and I throwing buckets of water on each other and Eli & Emmy laughing hysterically as they tried to pour water on us. It was one of those really fun, "hey look this is my family" kind of moments (does that make any sense)?
Eli with his bowl of water ready to get his dad. The only problem is that by time he got near his dad most of the water had already spilled out of the bowl. 

We also ran through the sprinklers for the first time today. Emmy loved it. (I don't normally wear my swimming suit when they play outside, but Emmy ran to the bedroom and grabbed it from where it had been hung to dry and brought it me and said, "mama, eh, eh." Which means Mama put this on and come swim. It's hard to refuse that kind of invitation). 

Eli after running through the sprinkler. We had to carry them through.

However, the unfortunate side effect of having a water fight with 2 year olds is they now think bath time is another opportunity for a water fight. Eli has taken to throwing water out of the tub onto us. This is not good.

--Emmy had kind of a rough day and had to go in timeout on two different occasions. Poor Eli, when ever Emmy gets in trouble he runs out of the room. Then he slowly walks back in and often will go sit himself in the corner. Silly kid. We'll have to work on this.

All-in-all just a much better day. Let's hope the pain stays away.

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