Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sermon Writing...

I'm a pastor and that means I'm responsible for writing a sermon every week. This is new for me. For the past two years I've been preaching and planning worship on more of a monthly basis. That was much easier. I had lots of time to think and reflect on my sermon, and for me it felt like I could really dedicate myself to the task and deliver a powerful sermon I was proud of each time.

Now, I'm writing sermons weekly and planning worship. I love this, I really do, but here's the problem. I want everything I say, write, do, to be powerful and meaningful. I want to give my congregation my best thoughts and efforts and that's hard to do on a weekly basis.

There are 52 weeks in a year so let's say on average I'll write and deliver approximately 48 sermons each year. I suppose I have to tell myself that each and every sermon isn't going to be the most brilliant thing anybody has ever heard. I need to admit to myself that I can only do what I do and release some of the pressure I put on myself to do things in the right way.

I often have a sermon bubbling around in my head, but when it comes time to get it out on paper (I have to write full manuscripts for the members of my congregation who cannot hear) it becomes a bit of a mess.

It doesn't help that I cannot work from home. This is driving me nuts. I need to find a space to work in ASAP. 

My homiletics (fancy word for preaching) professor at divinity school gave us this helpful piece of advice in regards to sermons, "If you have a dog walk it proudly." haha I love it, she told us that there would be times and sundays when things just don't work, but preach proud anyways. 

Alright enough ramblings I must go back to my sermon writing... it is Saturday night after all.

I also recently discovered pinterest which isn't helping matters. 


~Jess said...

I keep seeing your pins popping up :-P

The thing I think about the most with sermons is picking a verse and going with it. Fortunately in our church there are set readings from the diocese for every week (and yes, we do occasionally get the same sermon from our pastor, because they rotate every 3 years).

I have no experience writing sermons, particularly every week, but I think the important thing is know and pray that God use you and whatever words you speak.

As to a place to work, is there no room in your church? Someplace you could have a table and work there?

sadie607 said...

Jess, the set readings are called the lectionary. I often use the lectionary, but I also like that in the UMC we're not bound too it (and we don't read all 4 lectionary readings each week).

And the church has a few places I could work but it's so hot in the building and it's dark and there's no internet unless I can pick up the wi-fi from our house.

sadie607 said...

Oh and your pastor preaches the exact same sermon when the scripture comes up again? That's nuts there are so many different sermons that can come from each scripture text. There's no need to re-tell the same sermon.