Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No more EI and other things that annoy me...

Eli and Emmy had their Early Intervention evaluation on Monday and they're both behind on speech. However, because they were only behind on speech neither of them qualify for services. (Although Eli has some sensory OT stuff going on that they didn't even address). I'm trying to be okay with this, but I'm really not. They're behind in speech, I want them to get help, I want them to catch up...

Overall, I wasn't very pleased with those who came to our house for the evaluation. I find it incredibly annoying with someone who has been with your child for 45 minutes thinks they know more about them then I do. For example. They were showing Eli a few pictures, saying the words, and having him point to the correct picture. They showed him pictures of things with words he can say. So they would ask, "Eli find the truck." He would then point to the picture and say truck.

Later they were asking about mimicking words. I explained that Emerson does it but Eli doesn't at all. They actually argued with me. Saying he was mimicking words earlier, they didn't seem convinced when I told them it was because he already knew those words.

Plus they later heard Eli say, "My toe" except that he didn't what he said was "adkfjaldjfl" and they imagined that he said "my toes". I think I'm going to ask for a re-evaluation.

On a side note one of the women noticed my books and how they were arranged (they're currently arranged by color). Her response to this, "For a mom of twins you sure do have a lot of time on your hands." For some reason this comment really made me mad. First of all we moved. The books were packed they needed to be unpacked. What would she have me do leave 48 boxes of books sitting my living room?  Second, I hate when people suggest someone has, "too much time on their hands" who are they to judge the ways in which I use my time. A petty thing to be annoyed about but I was. Although I did have to laugh because the other woman asked me if I organized them by color on purpose. Haha I don't think that's something that just randomly happens.
You can sort of see my books in this blurry, picture of Emmy. I should probably take a better picture of the shelves. Maybe tomorrow. By the way I don't like the organization by color it's driving me nuts. But since I don't have enough time on my hands I haven't rearranged them properly yet. Maybe someday...


The other thing that has me upset at the moment is my former landlord. We just received what was left of our deposit and it was hardly anything. We also received a letter detailing everything they found wrong, the only problem is 95% of what we were charged for was pre-existing. We didn't do it. It was there when we moved it. I'm so furious and frustrating. I seriously feel like they're trying to scam us out of our deposit.

For example in their letter they state, "You obviously did some touch up painting and splattered paint drops all of the carpet which had to be removed." What!? We never, ever touched a paintbrush. There were three pages of complaints of things we "supposedly" did. I was hostile (you can ask Marcus). I've responded with a three page letter of my own.

I know realistically that unless we want to take them to small claims court there's nothing we can do about it, but I figured writing the letter with a request for some more of our money back can't hurt. Besides I hate being accused of things I didn't do. If nothing else at least I got my say. Let's hope they actually read my letter. Besides there were other things in the letter that were passive aggressive comments to us and not professional at all... me = very hostile about this.

Lesson learned. Document everything. I wish I would have taken pictures of everything when we moved in. I suppose I was being naive in assuming they knew the condition of the unit when we rented it us. (Prior to us it was always rented by college roommates of 3 or 4).


~Jess said...

*The EI people sound like they don't know what they're doing, and how arrogant of them to assume that in the small span of time they spend with the kiddos that they know them better than their parents.

*That "time on your hands" comment would have had my blood boiling too.

*I have to admit the color groups would start to annoy me after looking at them for a while :-P

*Unfortunately it never seems that the good landlords and tenants find each other. It's always good landlords with bad tenants or bad landlords with good tenants. Hopefully you get some of your money back....otherwise it may just be a lost cause.

*hugs* to you through all of this!

Julie said...

The "too much time on your hands" comment is so infuriating! So mothers shouldn't have time to decorate? Mothers shouldn't have any time for themselves? Who is this crazy? I'm so mad on your behalf.