Sunday, August 7, 2011

Further proof that I live in Mayberry...

today at a church meeting I noticed a deposit for a pretty large amount of money credited from a dinner. When I asked about it they told me that it was payment from a silent auction held back in March. Apparently, the guy bid on hay...

You might be living in Mayberry if hay is an option at a silent auction haha...

Although I can't really talk too much. When I was in the 8th grade we had our 8th grade dance which involved raffle prizes. I was the lucky winner of a baby pig. I named him Hampton, he grew quite large...

So I suppose in some ways I'm returning to my roots.


On a side note we're at a standstill on what to do with the table. Marcus says I can do what I want but then he interjects his opinions, like how ugly it will be if I paint it, but it's up to me. So today we just bought sand paper. We'll leave the color decision for another day.


Yesterday, a man knocked on my door around 9 in the morning and was asking if I knew anything about the local cemetery. Apparently he was looking for the grave marker of his great-grandma. His mom (who is 93) grew up in my church and he thought I might have known her...

*Cue blank stare* I couldn't decide if he was seriously asking if I knew his 93 year old grandma when she was a child. He might just be the first person in history to age me so significantly.

I did however feel bad about his plight, since his mom, really wants to find her mom's grave marker. I made a few phone calls, did some google searching, and then to take a break from sermon writing we went for a drive to the actual cemetery.

Here's a hint: don't take 2 year olds to a cemetery. I was mostly focused on searching for the grave marker, but every now and again and I heard Marcus say something like, "Get off of Deloris," "You're standing on top of Jim, we don't do that?'

Which I found pretty amusing. The cemetery is surrounded by orchids so Marcus showed Eli and Emerson the almonds growing on a tree, and Eli played in some water he found near the cemetery too. Marcus didn't enjoy any aspect of the trip apparently he's not very fond of cemeteries'. I find them incredibly interesting and sad too. Especially all the grave markers for babies and children.

I had no luck finding the grave markers, but I'm going to continue my search. I have some other calls out. I'm like a Pastor PI... or something.

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~Jess said...

Love Marcus' commentary!

My parents church had a silent auction a few years ago, and my parents bid on (and won)a load of logs...that's right.

My theory is stain it first, that way if you don't like it you can paint right over it, rather than having to strip the paint of to stain.