Sunday, August 28, 2011

When you let a 2 year old pick out their outfit...

you get this!

Awesome right?! The best part is I let her walk back over to the church with me because I forgot a few things. I didn't think anyone would be there. Turns out one of my congregants was cleaning out a closet. When she saw Emmy she gave me a look and tried not to laugh, as she said, "Emerson dear you look great." haha

She also found a spray bottle of water today and decided to do some dusting. 

Very helpful.

At this point she's annoyed with me taking her picture.
She's having a bad day. She's acting 'very' two. Lots of screaming, lots of crying, everything results in hysterics. 

She came home from church before I was finished with fellowship hour. According to Marcus she melted down and screamed at the door of our house for me. Eli was beside himself with worry. He just kept getting his blanket and running to Marcus and looking at his sissy.


~Jess said...

I have to say, her outfit is quite adorable! As for the two year old moments....I feel your pain. They always seem to be worse when someone is particularly tired too.

foxy said...

You have a little fashionista on your hands! The boots and short shorts are all the rage from what I hear and see. I suspect that you are in for trouble as she gets older!

Is it strange to say that I am jealous of two year olds sometimes? How great would it be to just let loose and scream when you get upset? I think that it might possibly be good for our mental health to let it all out every now and again!