Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Going cold turkey...

Marcus has finally decided he's buckling down and going cold turkey with the bottles tomorrow. I say Marcus because I haven't given them a bottle in forever. In fact Eli doesn't even ask me. Even if I'm the one laying him down or holding him he looks around and says, "dada baba." Although yesterday at nap time Marcus wasn't home and Eli did ask me, but I just said nope and left it at that.

Eli is very persistent when he wants his bottle and he's so giddy and cute when it gets one. The whole process feels so mean.

I heard Marcus today telling Eli & Emerson about how today was their last days with their bottles and it was time for their bottles to go to the little babies. I'm thinking they're not quite going to understand that trick but at least he's explaining things. We'll see how it goes.

I won't be home for part of the day tomorrow (work meeting out of town) hopefully Marcus can remain strong.


Debbie said...

can his gram sneak him a baba?
I've seen his little face when he wants one. It's a heartbreaker!

sadie607 said...

No his Gram can't sneak him one. We have found that the best method is distraction. Although he can be hard to distract.

Debbie said...

but...but...but.... he really wants one.