Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We were those people today...

You know those ones with the annoying children in a public place that people then go and complain about on facebook? I have a ton of childless friends and they're constantly talking about kids throwing a fit in a story and their response to the situation which is usually something like, "I would not allow my children to do that, and I would leave the store immediately."

Okay, that's a nice thought, and trust me I would pretty much rather do anything in the world besides grocery shopping, let alone grocery shopping with 2 year olds. I would have loved to leave the store, but here's the thing. We live in Mayberry. Grocery shopping requires a drive and some effort, as in I have to drive quite a distance to even get to the store. There was not a chance that I was leaving before finishing what I came to do. Besides odds are good that they wouldn't have liked grocery shopping any more the second time around.

Anyways, I suppose that weren't that bad. Neither of the cried at the same time, so that was considerate of them, to take turns throwing fits. They were just not in the mood to be in the store, they didn't want to sit in the cart, then they didn't want to walk, then they wanted to be carried. Then I picked up Eli and that was super bad for Emerson because apparently I belong solely to her.

It was just loud and hectic and chaotic. The one thing we did have going for us is it was a Tuesday morning and not many people were in the store, and the ones that were present looked liked compassionate grandmas. One lady even said. "They're justing being babies." (Most babies perhaps but babies none-the-less).

They also had some really cute moments too.

Like when Emmy was so happy to have her own shopping cart, of course this then resulted in her doing her own shopping. Everything eye level went into her cart. So I had to walk behind her putting things back. *sigh*

Random side note. See how awful my cell phone picture is, Eli threw my phone into the shower. Oh, 2 year olds...

I think we need to figure out a way to not involve the children in the shopping experience.

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~Jess said...

That is one thing I am so grateful for! If I have shopping to do, I time it for when I have an appt in O-town and A is with her grandma anyways, or I get things at our store, but yesterday I had to buy potatoes in the grocery in town. A was not feeling well and proceeded to keep tripping and having flailing fits every few steps. I didn't know if we'd make it out.

I think MOST people are understanding, although there are those few who just don't get it.