Tuesday, August 9, 2011

8 Years of Marriage...

Today Marcus and I celebrate 8 years of marriage. It seems crazy how long we've been in each others lives. We started dating when we were juniors in high school. Since that time we've graduated high school, college, divinity school (me), moved many times, lived in CA, NV, CT and now back to CA.

I will say without a doubt that the last two years have been the hardest. Our relationship has always been so easy and comfortable the two of us just work together. I mostly attribute this to Marcus being so laid back and me being, well, slightly uptight about some things.

Kids really really change the dynamic of relationship. Eli & Emmy are the best thing to happen to us but my goodness they are a lot of work. Also this past year hasn't been easy. In the span of a year we've moved twice, I've started two new jobs, and Marcus has been unable to find employment despite applying for literally hundreds of jobs. And yet here we are, in it together, for better or for worse. I love him and I'm beyond grateful to have such an amazing husband who is supportive of me is so many ways, and I'm lucky that he's the father of my children. I have never in my life encountered a better dad. I truly believe that being a dad is a calling for Marcus, despite the difficulties in making it a reality.

Me and Eli & Emmy are lucky to have him in our lives forever!

Today we didn't do anything overly exciting. We didn't have a baby-sitter so we decided on a family outing. We drove to the nearby city and went to the "zoo" although I use the term "zoo" very loosely. The pretty much just have some birds, ducks, and a random mountain lion, but it's perfect for two year olds. Then we had lunch together.

Emmy was so excited it was adorable. 

Eli mostly just wanted to look at the ducks. No matter where we went he waved "bye" and then headed back to the "quack quacks"

Awkward self portrait of me and Marcus


We tried to get a family picture but two year olds don't like to sit still

Then I tried to get a picture with Eli, but once again 2 year olds don't hold still

They actually held still for about 2 seconds in this picture.

Isn't this adorable. She just sat down and started giving the bear kisses. 

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~Jess said...

Happy Anniversary Sadie and Marcus!

Looks like you guys had fun :-)