Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We need an Eli translator...

Eli has been saying something for several days now and neither Marcus or I can figure out what it is.

He says, "uh oh du-oh" we know the uh oh part obviously but the du-oh part is killing us. It's very intentional and it sounds the same every time but we don't know what it means. If I say it to him he looks as though he totally understands my meaning, but it's Eli language.

I hope one day we can unravel this mystery.


On a different note Marcus just sent me a text of this picture with the caption, "Playing in the crib." Apparently they both wanted in for some reason.

When I asked Marcus what they were doing in the crib

he wrote, "Ummm... Well Emmy is spinning around and Eli is jumping. Then Emmy started jumping and now they're running back and forth. Then Eli buried his face in the mattress like I can't see him (this is how Eli hides he just covers his eyes) and Emmy is standing up and then plopping on her butt."

Alright then haha who knew the crib could be so much fun.

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~Jess said...

Two little monkeys jumping in the crib..... They are so cute and getting so big!