Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fighting Crime...

Some background info: There's a couple that's been making the rounds around the downtown area churches claiming their daughter needs Insulin and they just need another $30 to pay for it. I work at one of these churches. We talked about this scam at our staff meeting on Tuesday and were told to be on the look out for them.

Yesterday we had a large memorial service. This couple comes in during the service tells their story and we send them away. Before they leave they steal a jacket worth $400 and a briefcase from a man who attended the service.

We have video surveillance and can see clearly that this couple stole the items.

I worked yesterday to burn the surveillance footage onto a CD.

A police report was filed.

Then today this couple comes in again today with the same story . We have a volunteer at the desk and she comes back to get me to see if it's the same couple from yesterday. (The man helpfully is wearing the exact same thing as yesterday). I subtly nod my head and the volunteer goes and calls the police. 

So now it's my job to stall this couple. I start by asking for his story. Then in order to keep them here (which is what I was told to do) I have to lie telling them that I'm trying to see what we can do to help. I give the man some water and tea I give the women some food. I keep asking questions about his "daughter" who needs the insulin. Apparently to add drama to the story this women is currently pregnant who knows if that's true or not.

The cops finally come and they were questioned and searched, and the cop requested to see the footage from yesterday since this couple was denying everything. Again the fact that the man was wearing the same exact thing was incredibly helpful.

The truly ironic part of this whole thing is I was left feeling like a horrible person for lying to them (I hate lying I've mentioned that :~) but I couldn't very well say, "Please have a seat while we wait for the police to arrive") and they clearly have no remorse. As is evident by their willingness to return to a place they already stole from with the same lie.

Good lord I did not expect this today. The woman was arrested because she has a prior warrant and had drug paraphernalia on her. I don't know if the cops ended up arrested her husband or not. 

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~Jess said...

No remorse....or perhaps just stupid. Yikes! Good for you for being strong and dealing with it.