Monday, March 28, 2011

ENT update...

We had our follow appointment for Emmy with the ENT. The good news is her ears are looking better. The left ear still has some issues but things are moving better in the right. However, he did want to take out her tonsils and adenoids due to her continued breathing concerns, the concerns where she really can't breathe at all.

I say did, because once again Von Willebrands rears its freaking head. Before I get into that can I just say I'm so sick of doctors not reading patient history. We have to fill out form after form after form. The least they could do is read them and make a few notes.

Silly me I didn't think a doctor would recommend a surgery without you know double checking a patient's history. So the doctor wants to do the surgery. I wrongly assume that he's aware of her diagnosis of Von Willebrands because he's talking about how tonsils can bleed more than other surgeries and she'll need to stay the night in the hospital. The doctor walks us up to schedule the surgery, when finally I just ask. "You do remember about the Von Willebrands right?"

*blank look* Then the doctor flips back on his recorder (he records all his notes via recorder as we stand waiting for him) and adds an addendum. Um... never mind the surgery patient has von willebrands. OMG people this is not new information.

It's on the patient history form. I am not a freaking doctor, I do my duty and put it on the form and assume the people who have degrees in medicine will make notes of these things and plan accordingly.  So now Emmy and I will be visiting a hematologist together, and I think we'll bring Eli along too. Family bonding over our shared bleeding issues.  Hopefully I will be cleared to get my wisdom teeth removed, and we'll see what they say about Emmy and her surgery.

Marcus and I are at a place now where we can make sarcastic jokes about the fact that I'm the one who was able to passed on genes to our children. Me with my ridiculous family history of medical issues and a bleeding disorder that I passed onto both my children. (I had no idea how hereditary it was until after they were both given the diagnosis everyone with medical degrees seemed to forget that piece of information).

Whereas Marcus has only ever needed one prescription in his entire life and has no issues what so ever with anything. It's like a funny little joke.

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~Jess said...

Oh the irony of IF.

I seriously don't get why doctor's can't read charts: It's really not that hard....I think they had to be able to read to get into 2nd grade or so. Frustrating!