Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Remember when...

I accidently ended up on the highway. I sort of did it again today. I was trying to avoid a detour due to construction near my work so I turned down an unfamiliar road. Then another one until I realized I was in a turn only lane that took me only to the highway.

So I figured I would just switch lanes. Upon switching lanes I discovered that cars were coming directly towards me, so that was my first clue that quite literally my only option was to turn.

Unfortunately, the turn light was red and I was still in the wrong lane. I tried to get over the best I could but for the most part the oncoming traffic was just swerving around me. I would like to give some kudos to my fellow drivers out there. No one flipped me off or honked their horn, and trust me over in CT you get flipped off and honked at for lesser offenses than being in the complete wrong lane of traffic going the wrong way. I probably deserved some honking at the very least.

I got on the free-way eventually, did my immediate exit strategy and made it took work. It only took twice as long as it should have. This week is awesome, in the most exhausting, ridiculous sense of the word.

I want a vacation.


~Jess said...

You survived!

Lindy said...

Oh Sadie,

When you cover visit I'll make sure you don't have to drive the whole time your here!! Cause I'll make Kaylee lol!!!!