Friday, March 4, 2011

Things that happened yesterday...

I'm so clever at titling my posts :~) Anyways yesterday was kind of a weird/funny day.

Weird event #1 - I tried a new therapist today. She was referred to me by my doctor and so I thought I would give it ago, and I have to say I felt like I was in a sitcom or on candid camera or something. The woman I met with is um... eccentric to say the least. Her office has sort of a hippy vibe going on (as does she actually) and we started talking, since that's what you do at counseling. So, I'm filling her in on my background and history and then we get to a really weird place where she wants me to say something positive about myself... so I do.

Then she has be breathe that positivity in deeply and exhale out the negativity. Okay... breathing is important so I go with it.

But then she turns in her chair, leans in close and starts talking to me, about myself, about how I am good enough and I do the best I can etc. etc. (mind you we've known each other for about 30 mins.) but she so intent and leaning so close and she's wanting me to breath and I reach a point where it's taking all of my energy not to burst out laughing. It was so incredibly bizarre. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to try again.

Funny event #2 -- Eli has needed a haircut for quite sometime so yesterday after work we decided we should go have someone cut his hair. We called and make an appointment and get a hair dresser who looks totally not at ease with her job, and even less at ease when she see's that Eli is just a toddler. She starts trying to cut his hair but of course he's looking every which way, and then Eli started to cry. Which triggered something in our hair stylist because she too looked like she was going to cry. I tried to reassure her that he was fine he just wanted his dad, but she was so stressed out.

She looked like she was going to pass out or cry or both. So she went and got another lady to help her. In the end we paid $20 for one of the most awful looking hair cuts. It was a bad, choppy, bowl cut. Marcus and I left laughing. That poor girl.

Event #3 -- At the mall (where we had Eli's hair cut). I saw some tall dude that I sort of recognized staring at Eli & Emerson. Since I was trying to figure out how I knew him I was staring at him, and Marcus knew who it was so Marcus was also staring. It was a giant awkward staring contest.

As soon as we were out of sight Marcus told me that it was the quarterback for the local universities team, and wouldn't you know it his picture is on the ESPN website today. No wonder I felt like I knew him. He has a good chance of being drafted so I told Marcus we should have been even more awkard and asked him to take a picture with the babies. He is after all an almost, kind of, really tall celebrity. He may be even more famous one day haha.

I think Marcus was pretty excited by the encounter.


Oh and Marcus fixed Eli's hair at home today. I guess we just should have started with Marcus but silly us thought a "professional" would do a better job.


Becks said...

For what it's worth...

is there is kid's hair salon in your town? There is one in mine, and they are the BEST with babies! They have tons of toys to distract the kids with, and the stylist can get this vice grip on their little hairs so it's cut straight no matter how much they turn their heads. And on top of that, James gets a baloon when he's done. It's pretty fun! And it only costs $15. If there's one by you, I bet you would have a much better experience!

~Jess said...

Matt has been cutting his own hair for ever: So much cheaper lol

The therapist sounds ummm...interesting. I think I would have been trying not to laugh too.