Sunday, March 13, 2011

I made it through the week...

but just barely. Oh my lord this has been the longest week in the history of my life (I'm not being dramatic at all :~). Here's a break down of the fun..

Monday: (Suppose to be my day off). Meetings with the district superintendent

Tuesday: Work in the morning, tutoring, youth group my day went from 9am-9pm. I hate tuesdays.

Wednesday: Work in the morning, Ash Wednesday service, teach adult education class. Another day that spanned from 9am-9pm

Thursday - Marcus' birthday! Unfortunately we didn't get to do much of anything to celebrate. The babies and I made cupcakes... well I tried to include them but when I turned on our mixer they both darted from the room in fear. Then Eli wouldn't eat a cupcake at all he seemed to be a little afraid of it.

Then I had to tutor in the evening. I did buy Marcus a Kinect for his xbox and he loves it. Actually, I don't mind it either and I never have anything to do with video games. Happy 26th Marcus sorry it was a little/a lot lame. I guess that's what happens when you get old.

I also took thursday off from work since I didn't really get any days off this week.

Friday - Work which included finishing preparation for a children's retreat I hosted at my church. I went home for a few hours in the afternoon and then went back to the church at 4 for our retreat which started at 5. Then for the next 22 hours I was in charge of 13 3rd-6th grade kids.

Oh my lord they have a lot of energy and Friday night I got no sleep because sleeping in the church isn't ideal to say the least. Then saturday we got up early did some programming and then took the kids on a hike. The children all had a great time. In fact they all wanted to stay another night at the church...

Then when all of this fun ended at 3:00 I had to go and tutor.

Sunday - Work, teach confirmation class, nap (praise the lord) I skipped our Dave Ramsey Class today because I was beyond functioning. Then after the nap off to tutor.

Now here we are. The end of week with two babies in bed. Can I just say I picked the wrong week to give up caffeine. Between my work schedule, the children's retreat, and the time change I'm exhausted.

Here's hoping for a calmer week.

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