Monday, March 21, 2011

My To-Do List This Week...

- Work on my Day off (Monday)
- Tutor 3 extra hours on my day off
- Plan Tuesday Night Youth Group
- Staff Meeting
- Curriculum for Sunday
- Lesson Plan for Adult Class on Wednesday Night
- Plan Taize Service for Wednesday
- Tutor my regular students (6 hours total)
- Memorial Service Wednesday
- Write papers for ordination Committee
- Plan service for April 3rd (guest preaching)
- Read BioEthics A Primer for Christians by Gilbert Meilaender for potential adult ed class (I've started it so far I'm furious at the author and I've mentally started writing my rebuttal)
- Confirmation Lesson Plan
- Wisdom Teeth Removal on Friday

I'm trying not to feel too overwhelmed. I know it will all get done somehow. It's just a major bummer that I had to work Today (my day off) so I could take Friday off instead and get my wisdom teeth all. All kinds of constant fun around here.

And yes this is kind of a boring post but it helps with my anxiety to just get it all out, plus I'm so mad at the Bioethic book I'm reading I could just scream. The author is so so wrong for so many reasons, but that's an entire book (literally I now have to write a book). Maybe at some point I'll address some of my actual frustrations in a post of it's own.


Carlita said...

Your schedule always manages to make my head spin.

As a biologist, I'd be really interested to hear about the book and your response to it.

~Jess said...

Phew! Lots going on!

I went and ready the summary about that book: Sounds a bit infuriating....particularly the IF part.