Tuesday, March 22, 2011


it's a virtue I prize above almost anything else. I value honesty, I appreciate honesty, even or perhaps especially when it's something that might be hard for me to hear.  Being lied to is among the biggest hurt someone can inflict upon me. It's insulting, and once lied to my perception of the person shifts, particularly if it's someone I'm close too. The thing about lying is that the truth always comes out eventually, (even if it's years down the road) and when it does it leaves me feeling worthless, as though someone did not value me enough to just speak truth. It also insults my intelligence when very clearly the person is lying about something, and the proof is on my side and yet they still refuse to admit it.

For the love of God all I ever want from people is truth even if the truth sucks or in my most recent case when the truth costs me $200.

I called my GI doctors billing office today because my insurance finally reprocessed my endoscopy but I hadn't received a bill for my portion. When I spoke to the woman on the phone she told me I had a zero balance and went to hang up.

My response, "Um... this is going to sound weird but how did that happen?"

She seemed perplexed by my question and just continued to say that I had a zero balance and should run with it. I told her I would appreciate some certainty and sure enough I was right I do in fact owe $200 yay honesty? haha

But seriously people just tell me the truth even if I'm not going to like it.

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