Sunday, March 20, 2011

Eli & Emmy at 22 months...

They are just delightful these days. I don't even have the words to fully explain their personalities but they're so curious and smart and hilarious (well most of the time they're toddlers after all).

Emmy recently has just come into her own and some of her social anxiety seems to be lessening. She boldly walks around the church, yesterday at dinner she got out of our booth and just followed my dad up to the counter, she still loves to be cuddled and constantly comes up to me and wraps her arms around my legs, or lays her head on my lap. She also gives Eli "loves" all the time especially after he gets in trouble for hitting her haha.

She loves music and wants us to sing to her all the time, and she babbles a lot. She's just precious I wish I could capture her personality and just hold onto it because she cracks me up.

Eli is also a funny and smart little guy. He still loves balls and continues to be his dads little shadow. He has a tendency to throw more tantrums than Emerson, but most the time he walks around with a big smile on his face. Right now his two newest words are "uh oh" and "bye bye" and he says them all the time.

He also thinks that everything round is a ball including stoplights. We just recently turned their car seats forward in the car and so it's a whole new world for his to explore. Every-time he sees a stoplight he points and says, "ball" and then when we drive away he waves and says "bye bye".

Eli also understands the idea of "jokes" and being naughty. He's constantly stealing Emerson's piggy and hiding it from her. He takes things and then hides them behind his back so we can't find them. He does hit more than we would like but right now our strategy is to sit him in the corner and oddly enough he does without getting up or moving. Although he always has the saddest look on his face so it's hard for me not to just give in. His other favorite thing to do is hide. Which pretty much just involves covering his eyes, and then he's pretty sure no one can see him.

He pretty much just walks around all day smiling and laughing.

They're just so much fun I love this age.

Some other things:
-They still have bottles. *sigh* Eli cannot drink out of a sippy cup and as long as Eli gets bottles Emmy refuses to settle for the sippy.
-Eli still only has 7 teeth (almost 8) so sometimes chewing takes a really long time.
-Emmy has almost all of her baby teeth and molars at this point. I think we're waiting for a few more.
-As of last Monday Eli weighed 23 lbs 2oz and Emmy weighed 22lbs 2oz. So they're still just tiny peanuts although Eli's head continues to be in the 90%. He'll grow into it someday.
-Recently Emmy seems more interested in what she's wearing. This morning I put a dress on her for church and she was so excited. She kept saying "pretty pretty" and then she went and showed her dad.
-They understand so much these days which just amazes me.

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