Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A smattering of things...

* Eli has his first black eye. He fell and hit his eye on the corner of a basket.

* I need braces which should help fix some of the TMJ issues and close the spaces in my teeth. I've wanted the spaces in my teeth closed my entire life but I'm not sure we can afford braces. So I don't know what to do.

* I also need my wisdom teeth out. My dentist today gave me the choice of a local anesthetic or sedation. I had no idea what to chose but in my mind sedation seems like a better choice. Anyone with experience have any thoughts?

* I hate tuesdays. On tuesdays I don't get to see Eli & Emerson at all except for in the morning before work. It makes me sad.

* I'm giving up soda for Lent. I've failed at this all other attempts because frankly I really like my one Dr. Pepper a day. But I'm really going to try and be dedicated.

* The adult class I'm teaching starts tomorrow and goes for the next 6 weeks. I'm still annoyed that I was told I was teaching this class rather than asked.

* I need a real day off. Yesterday (my day off) I had work related meetings. This weekend I'm hosting a children's retreat, which equals lots of kids and no sleep and working on my other day off.

* My head hurts.

* My cousin had a baby girl today. I'm annoyed because someone on her facebook page wrote, "You're already a wonderful mom because you carried your baby for 40 weeks." (Today was her due date). I'm being way over sensitive but just because someone can't or doesn't carry their baby(ies) full term doesn't mean they're not a good mom. Over sensitive I know...

*Today is the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day. Tonight we played battle of the sexes at youth group which I think is kind of the opposite sentiment since it totally genders knowledge which drives me nuts.

* Eli & Emerson are 22 months today, 2 more months and I'll have 2, 2 year olds (this sentence contains a lot of 2s).

The End


Becks said...

Uh, you DEFINITELY want to be put under, believe me. I had all 4 of mine taken out (on two separate occasions), and listening to them do it is not fun. They had to cut through my gums and saw up the teeth before pulling them out in pieces during the first round, and on the second she just took what looked like a big pair of pliers and muscled the other ones out. It STILL makes me shudder. It was traumatic. It will make you very anxious. If you could just take a nap during it, you should!! (being put under was not an option my insurance would pay for, but if I could go back, I would have pair for it myself).

Becks said...

Also, wow. That is so insulting that someone would say that a woman is a great mom because she carried her baby 40 weeks. I delivered 4 weeks early, and had nothing to do with my worth or ability as a mother, and everything to do with the physical condition of my body, over which I had no control. As though you, or I, or anyone had any sort of choice or control in the matter. INFURIATING. I feel hurt and insulted for you. And for me.

And what about the babies of drug addicts and alcoholics who are carried to term? Are they better moms, then? Some people just don't think before they say things.

sadie607 said...

Thanks Becks I'm leading towards the being put under option and your experience may have just cemented my decision. I haven't checked with my insurance to see what they'll cover though. Yikes.

~Jess said...

I opted to not be put under...because I knew it was going to cost more. It was fine, BUT I have a lot of tolerance for pain (the dentist told me that if he was ever in a bar fight he'd want me on his side....I guess a lot of people go the sedation path).

Yea, I second the "stupid award" for the facebook comment.