Thursday, March 17, 2011

4 for 4 (might be TMI for some)...

It seems none of us could escape the grasps of this stomach bug. Marcus and I were both hit with it at the same time around 2am this morning. (Luckily Eli didn't have any more issues and was totally fine this morning). This is the first time that both Marcus and I have been really sick at the first time and we not functioning on an okay level at all.

We literally couldn't stand up without getting dizzy and having to throw up. I called my sister to see if she could take the babies but she had to work, and then I texted my brother. Praise the lord for my sister in law who took the babies off our hands for the day.

Originally she wanted us to drive the babies out to her house. So we tried for about an hour to get up and move and that just wasn't happening. So in the end she decided she would come pick them up, which required Marcus and I to prepare them for a day away. That was also interesting since aside from the whole not able to stand up thing, I also didn't have the strength to pick either of them up. Then as we were trying to dress them Marcus and I had to work in shifts as we made trips to the bathroom.

After the babies left we have literally done nothing at all. We can't keep anything down it's so incredibly awful. For whatever reason it seems to be hitting Marcus and I a lot harder than the babies (which is good for their sake) but bad for ours.

My work schedule totally didn't lend itself to a work day and I had to cancel/reschedule 3 meetings and didn't get some important work done that I promised someone I would have by this morning. I also had to cancel my tutoring for the day.

I needed a day off but not like this. Hopefully we'll feel much better tomorrow and I so hope that the babies go to bed easily for us tonight. My sister in law is feeing them dinner and then they're coming back home. Lord give us strength.

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~Jess said...

Blah! Hope you guys are all feeling better soon!