Thursday, March 31, 2011

More complaints...

Lately it seems like all I do is complain but I'm stressed out, exhausted, and feeling over worked and underpaid. This week has been particularly crazy. Not only do I have my normal everyday stuff, but on top that this week I also had to do our Wednesday night service, plan my wednesday night adult ed. class, work on a sermon since I'm guest preaching this week, several meetings that I somehow got roped into holding, and at those meetings essentially learned I'm in charge of new classes/programs.

Why these things are not discussed with me I'll never know. Plus all of my ordination stuff is due this Sunday for my meeting with the committee next month, which includes writing papers about everything I believe, think, know, experience in 5 pages or less. There are 6 questions total I've answered two and I've already exceeded my page limit by a lot so editing is in my future.

Plus this weekend is an all church retreat in the mountains by a lake in cabins when it's still cold outside. And lucky me I'm in charge of planning a bunch of activities. Add onto that the constant phone calls this week and I want to scream or cry or maybe both.

I'm so tired. This is a different kind of tired then when I was a student. When I was a student at least I had solidarity. I had friends who were also in the thick of writing papers or studying for tests and it was basically my primary focus. Now I have three million things to do at any given moment plus three million people who are waiting for me or need to talk to me about something... oh and I tutor, and have twins who I love and miss.

Something needs to change and quickly I'm way to tired to function like this.


~Jess said...

Sadie, I say this with need to stop, reassess, and talk to the people who are making such demands on you.

It is better to do a few things well, than do a whole lot of things not so well.

I don't think there's anything wrong with putting the kids and Marcus first (and yourself), and telling your employer(s) that something needs to change.

I don't think it's at all fair to have so many demands being made of you. I know you don't like confrontation, but I think it's needed....for your sake, as well as your ministry to all the people who are impacted by the numerous things you are responsible for. You can't be ministering to them in a profound way if your inundated with tasks which prevent you from really putting your energies into the important things.

*hugs* If you need help with editing let me know.

sadie607 said...

Thanks Jess. Re-evaluation is going to be happening soon.