Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The real thanksgiving post...

I've been avoiding this post because it takes 12 hours to load pictures on blogger these days (is it just me? It takes so long). Anyways, we went to our hometown on Wednesday night (which is now only 168 miles away) and stayed at my in-laws house. Even though they were out of town.

Thursday morning we got up and I prepared my part of the thanksgiving meal. Deviled eggs
Photographic evidence. I don't cook at all, ever. So Marcus was amazed that I even knew how to make deviled eggs and we've been married for over 7 years poor guy. I also brought a salad in a bag. I'm really serious about this no cooking thing. My sister and her husband hosted and her house and we went over shortly after completing the eggs.
The babies had some playing with all their aunts and uncles (Emerson is hiding behind the big bear) I'm holding my nephew Isaac and Marcus is holding our niece Hannah. 

The babies with their Grammy (my mom) trying some new food. 

My sister Lindy and soon to be sister-in-law Kaylee.

Emmy with my youngest sister Abbey

Eli was so excited that he could see his reflection in the tray of this retro high chair. 

The hosts. My sister Libby and brother-in-law Layne

Our table set up with the Cowboys game on in the background 

Me & Eli who looks like he wants to escape desperately. 

Me & Emmy she just looks bored. 

Our little family.

My with my siblings. (We were recreating a picture we have of the 6 of us from when we were much younger I should try to dig it out). My brother Luke is on top of the couch he's the oldest. Then from left to right the youngest Abbey, Lindy on of the twins, me, Libby the other twin and Molly.

All of my siblings our significant others and our kids. We're getting to be ridiculous looking and this is just my very immediate family.

All of us plus my mom thrown in. 

Eli & Emerson with their Uncle Tyler.

Neither baby napped on Thanksgiving so they were beyond exhausted by the end of the day. Friday we mostly stayed at my in-laws so the babies could rest. Then that evening we went to my dads. Which was kind of awkward. My dad left my mom 5 years ago for another woman. He has since married this other woman and I have never met her. I have spent the last 3 years in therapy dealing with the breakage of my family and re-establishing a relationship with my dad. 

Friday night my dads wife was home along with some of her family. Then it was me and 3 of my siblings. The house was totally segregated. Not the best of evenings but my dad was happy to see the babies and we all survived.

Our car broke so it's still in our hometown and we came back on saturday borrowing my FIL's truck. I think that about sums it up. Frankly I think we should of just ordered pizza and called it a day, but all in all not a bad thanksgiving. 


~Jess said...

Great post Sadie!

I really do love how big your family is!

kvaughn said...

At least you finally got your pizza!