Tuesday, November 16, 2010

18 Months (about a week late)...

Want to see how big my babies are?
Emmy was saying "hi" to a dog figurine that we have sitting on a bookshelf

Emerson at 18 months:
*She's on a fruit eating kick. It's all she wants to eat
*She can sign more, all done, please, and thank you. However, she's incredibly stubborn and if she thinks we already knows what she wants she refuses to do the signs.
*She still just says "hi" although occasionally it does sound like she's trying to say "thank you" and "more" 
*She has two molars in addition to the 8 other teeth she already had
*She would run around naked all the time if we let her
*She's still a mama's girl
*She's a cuddle bug and often just walks up to me and Marcus and lays her head on our legs or shoulders
*She loves books
*She makes car noises when she drives her cars
*She knows where her nose, belly button and ears are
*She still can't drink from a sippy cup. But she likes to carry it around and tip it all the way back
*She loves music and constantly wants her music playing.
*She also loves to dance and will now dance on command
*She likes her socks on and brings them to us and then sits so we can put them on.
*She still adores all animals and stuffed animals. Piggy is still her favorite 
*she hates brushing her teeth and having her hair done
*She loves to dress up and brings her ladybug costume over to us so she can put it on
*She likes to do her "work" with her EI therapist. As soon as she comes in the house Emerson walks over and sits down so she can start
*She loves coloring

Eli & Emerson
18 Months

I love this picture because Eli is being Eli. He's so crazy these days. He actually gets hyper it's hilarious.

Eli at 18 months

*Still only has 6 teeth. 4 on top 2 on the bottom
* Can FINALLY eat food. Yay! He's now making up for lost time by shoving everything in his mouth. He loves to eat.
*Still hasn't mastered the sippy cup.
*Can sign more, please, thank you, and all done. If he hears these words he just does the sign
*Says "hi" and "dada"
*Dances on his blanket
*Never stops moving
*Screams really loud
*Is an expert at throwing tantrums. Oh my this is not good
*Loves, loves, shoes. All shoes his, my, Marcus, the lady next to us at the store
*Loves wearing hats, bonnets, and costumes 
*Gets hyper and does crazy things. It's hard to even describe but it's funny
*Loves to cuddle with his daddy
* Likes to dance to anything with a rhythm
*Carries his blanket everywhere, and always brings Emerson her blanket
*Steals Emerson's piggy, and now hides it behind his back
*Likes to walk backwards very slowly
*Climbs on everything (Including his train table)
*Smiles all the time
*Runs every where
*Beats his chest and says "ah, ah, aha" like Tarzan

I think that's the main gist of what they're up too these days. They're hilarious and keep us on the move and laughing. 


Debbie said...

They are the cutest kids I've ever seen.
and I'm not just saying that!

~Jess said...

I would love some of those cuddles...A doesn't ever want to sit still long enough for that!

They're getting so big *wipes tear*