Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm bad at this...

whole thankful thing. Which is why I suppose it's a good exercise to engage in. It's way easier to talk about the things that are stressing me out or annoying me, but I'm trying really hope to, "Eliminate the negative accentuate the positive" (bonus points if you know what movie that line is from).

This last week was full of appointments. We had a different appoint for the babies every day. Monday EI, Tuesday Speech, Wednesday EI, Thursday 18 month check-up, Friday OT for Eli. It's tiring. Eli has a really strong aversion to having his hands dirty. He doesn't like things on his hands and he freaks out if we don't immediately wash things off. So they have encouraged us to do some "dirty" play.

So tonight I got out some brown paint and I thought we would make some turkey handprints. Emerson loved this. Once she figured out what we were doing she kept dipping her hand in the paint and then stamping the paper over and over.

Eli was okay for about 10 seconds and then he started whining for the paint to come off. The handprint turkeys are not too recognizable as hands but it was a hilarious chaotic mess.

So that's what I'm thankful for today hilarious chaotic messes.


kvaughn said...

oh poor little Eli! I remember when we tried finger painting with them haha! You can have them paint with chocolate pudding and sometimes it works better cause it's yummy too :)

sadie607 said...

They tried to get him to use pudding at his OT appointment and he wouldn't touch it at all.