Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Thanksgiving post (kinda)...

We had a pretty okay thanksgiving as far as thanksgiving goes (but honestly I would just rather order a pizza). I'll post more about it later with pictures. I actually tried to write the post yesterday but in the middle of it one of the babies turned off my MIL's computer. So I'll try again later.

While we were away our car broke. We just put a $1000 into it and now it won't go at all. We used my father in law's truck the whole time we were there and ended up having to drive it back home since I have to be at work tomorrow. So this really sucks a lot and our car is sitting in my in-laws garage. We just need a new car but I don't know if that's in the cards at the moment.

Eli is also really sick. It sounds to me like he might have Croup. He's miserable I hope Emmy can avoid catching it.

My computer also stopped working while we were away so I got nothing done for work so I'm stressed out about tomorrow.  Good times around here.

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