Thursday, November 18, 2010

I keep waiting...

for the moment when going out in public with twins doesn't invite questions, stares, and commentary. I sort of understood when they were babies (kind of) but they're 18 months old and they're not identical I honestly don't get the excitement about the whole thing.

Eli & Emerson had their 18 month appointment today with the new doctor. Good news: we like the doctor (and so does Emmy, she's terrified of all things related to doctors) Bad news: we waited over two hours to be seen in an incredibly crowded waiting room, where we were the main attraction.

For about 30 minutes two women, a grandma, and two kids sat across from us and kept a running commentary of everything we did. "oh look now they're eating strawberries. The boy threw the book across the room, the little girl is coloring, oh look she's giggling what a cute giggle." It was so incredibly weird, not to mention we could hear them as they were doing this.

Then another guy with a kid asked if they were twins, and then for the rest of the wait he watched every single thing they did. So incredibly bizarre. The babies did mostly okay with the wait, especially considering they missed their naps. The hardest part is when we were trying to fill out the paperwork while keeping them close at hand.

The stats: they're exactly the same size they both weigh 22lbs 4oz and they are both 30in tall (although I don't think the way they weighed and measured them was entirely accurate). They had all their clothes on, standing on an adult scale and had them try and stand against the wall to get their height.

An okay visit just took way way to long.


In cute baby news. Eli waves to every fallen leaf he sees. He seems to think that because the wind moves them around they're alive so he gets very excited by them. He also might have licked the sidewalk today but I'm trying to forget that ever actually happened.


In thankful news. I'm thankful tomorrow is friday. Lame I know but I'm exhausted. (Oh and I'll also be thankful for Harry Potter I'm super excited to see the new movie. I've been re-reading all the books this week in preparation).

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~Jess said...

Haha....I can only imagine. I don't get why people think that's ok.

They had A do the standing on the big kid scale too...don't think it worked too well.

We're going next weekend to see HP.