Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snow!! (And some catch up)...

Yesterday, we finally got some snow. I say finally because they've been reporting a storm for the last 5 days and nothing happened. Overall it wasn't too bad, just cold and windy with several inches of snow.

We bought the babies some snow boots and brought them outside to see what they thought of the snow. The results..

Emerson was not impressed.

And Eli loved it. 

Emerson was pretty cranky with us the whole time she was out there (which was 2 minutes tops)

Eli continued to be fascinated by everything.

And then tried to talk and fell face first into the snow. But even that didn't deter him. He still loved it. 

Thankful catch up (I really suck at this)

1.) I'm thankful for hugs and love from Eli & Emerson. They both give hugs and kisses freely and I love it. Every morning when I'm blow drying my hair Emerson runs up to me and hugs me around both my legs and Eli regularly just finds both me and Marcus and gives us hugs.

2.) I'm thankful for books. I love them, they make me happy and I love that both Eli & Emerson love books. I hope that love continues.

3.) I'm thankful that after tomorrow I can be done with this thankfulness exercise (is that cheating? yes probably oh well).

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~Jess said...

#3 made me laugh lol

Those two are too cute!