Wednesday, November 24, 2010

An exercise in consistency...

So Eli has perfected the art of the tantrum. Oh my word it's ridiculous (although in talking with his EI therapist she said, "It's not a fun milestone but it's a milestone). He screams at the top of his lungs, starts shaking with rage, stamps his feet, and if we're really lucky throws himself on the floor. It's really really delightful*.

When it happens in public it's also pretty awesome* because it really does sound as though we are beating him or something.

(*This is sarcasm)

This morning I was in our master bedroom getting ready for work and Eli & Emerson usually just hang out with me in the bathroom during the mornings. This morning they both really wanted to use their toothbrushes so I told them to sit, and explained that they can only brush their teeth while sitting.

So they both sat down and were happily brushing their teeth for a couple of minutes.

Then they stood up to test the boundaries. I repeated to them, "Sit down please" and they sat.

Then they tried it again this time seeing if they could walk. I reminded them to sit and this time Eli didn't so I took away his toothbrush and the above describe tantrum ensued.

So repeat process. I tell him to sit, he does, he's happy with his toothbrush, then he tests the boundaries, toothbrush is removed, tantrum ensues.

Oh my lord. The whole process was exhausting and so many times I just wanted to give him back his toothbrush so he would be quiet, but I held strong. (Even when Eli went to find his dad to "tell" on me haha).

By the end of the morning they both seemed to fully grasp that they only got to brush their teeth while sitting, and if they stood I took it away.

We'll see if they remember tomorrow.

(And I say they because even though Emmy doesn't really throw tantrums yet she copies every single thing Eli does. So when he stood, so did she, when he tried to leave the room so did she, she just didn't get nearly as upset when I took the brush away. She simply sat down so she could have it back).

This parenting thing is exhausting. And it just keeps being exhausting in different ways as they get older.

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Carlita said...

Amen!!!!! I am right there with you. We were at this really wonderful age and I was so happy to be over the anxiety of early babyhood and then, all of a sudden, my son became a toddler! And now I think I'm beginning to see what people mean when they say "terrible twos". I am not one to actually miss parenting a young infant but I think I understand what people mean when they say that it doesn't get easier, it just changes.