Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Eli + The Christmas tree =

the cutest thing I've ever seen! He's so in love with the tree he can hardly handle himself. We put it up Monday evening while the babies were in bed and when they came down on Tuesday morning they were both immediately fixated by the tree and at that point they were both so confused neither touched they merely looked, pointed, and Emerson said, "ohh".

Then Eli progressed to running up to the tree waving and saying, "hi" this then led to an immense desire to actually touch the tree even though he very clearly knows he's not supposed to.  Yesterday, he started crawling slowly toward the tree, looking at me the entire time, when I told him no he stopped. But then he stood up and was just reaching for the tree, standing on his tiptoes, going "oh, oh, oh". It looked like it was taking every bit of restraint in his 18 month old body to resist actually touching.

Today he's progressed even further. He's now giving the tree kisses.
He gives kisses by licking so he's essentially licking the tree over and over. His other new thing to do if find objects that he thinks belongs on the tree and tries to put them on. Usually causing several other ornaments to fall. The boy just really loves the Christmas tree. 

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